You are inherently creative. I help you believe it.

You think you don’t have time for passion and play, or you think you have to earn it first.

Our society pressures us to turn hobbies into side hustles, to not rest unless we’ve been productive, to only take a break to prevent a breakdown.

We can break those rules.

I’m Caitlin, and I help people make space for passion in their busy lives. I’m here to help you write that book, build a sustainable creative practice, and make time for your deepest needs without the shame spiral.

PS. I am queer queer queer, feminist, unapologetically fat, and absolutely think you should fight your racist uncle at Thanksgiving.

Love Notes for rebellious creatives

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The Working Title Writing Incubator is a 12 month container to help aspiring authors finish their first draft and beyond.

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The Creatives’ Rebellion is a monthly membership to help you reclaim your creativity in a capitalist hellscape.

Our company values


Our individualistic culture leaves many of us feeling unsupported and isolated. We are committed to creating intimate spaces that foster deep, whole-hearted connections and help all of us flourish together through our unique forms of creative expression.


We are on this earth to do more than just hustle and follow rules others have imposed on us. Together, we help our clients uncover a new way of approaching their creativity that feels bold, supportive and sustainable.


We are committed to building a better world together. We use our creativity to fight against oppressive systems while simultaneously amplifying the voices of those in disenfranchised groups. No matter where you are in your social justice journey, we are here to support you in your activism.

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