Are You Ready to Live a Passionate Life on Your Terms?

What if the secret to achieving our dreams was not hustling our way through life, but rather slowing down?

Our society pressures us to turn hobbies into side hustles, to not rest unless we’ve been productive, to only take a break to prevent a breakdown.

We can break those rules.

I’m Caitlin, and I help people make space for passion in their busy lives. I’m here to help you write that book, build a sustainable creative practice, and make time for your deepest needs without the shame spiral.

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Common Ground

I’m a neurodivergent, disabled, queer, fat writer and artist. Most of my clients fall somewhere in these marginalizations too.

My best fit clients and I share a commitment to social justice, anti-oppression, and liberation. We’re not afraid to get it wrong while we’re learning to get it right.

Animal lovers are a plus!

PS. I swear like a sailor.

gorgeous goals

As an author, poet, journalist, and all-around word witch, a lot of my clients come to me seeking a deeper connection with their writing. We work through self-sabotaging obstacles like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and absolute pants-shitting fear of being seen.

Building a creative business? I believe that simply nudging out of the capitalist comfort zone of the grind means you’re already starting a revolution. I help creative entrepreneurs build sustainable systems for their business and personal growth.

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1:1 passion coaching

Individual coaching is the fastest way to work through obstacles and live your most passionate life.

writing incubator

The Working Title Writing Incubator is a 12 month container to support your writing goals and identity as a writer.

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Passion Pacers is a low cost monthly membership to reconnect with your creative needs.

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