1:1 Coaching

The reason people who win the lottery end up back where they started financially is because they have no fucking idea what to do with all that money. They didn’t have a plan. They didn’t expand to be the kind of person who knows what to do with that amount of money.

Likewise, if you woke up tomorrow and all your dreams came true overnight, I guarantee you would flip out and panic and get back, more or less, to your baseline of today.

Caitlin, a fat femme person, is smiling at the camera after throwing fake flowers into the air and the flowers fell to the ground. Caitlin's arms are in a shrugging position.
Photo by Jen Hearn

For your self-concept to EXPAND and hold those dreams and results, it needs time and space.

This is why coaching is so magical. Because in the coaching container (fancy words for “when we meet regularly for you to focus on your growth”), we’re pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and self-concept.

Coaching helps you expand your self-concept a lot faster than just dicking around and reading a bunch of books without taking action.

book a clarity call

The best way to figure out if coaching is right for you is to book a complimentary call for us to do a vibe check and talk about your goals.

sliding scale

My coaching packages are offered on a sliding scale.

Please consider your financial, class, and educational privilege that affects your income and earning potential when it comes to selecting your price. I don’t require proof or justification, I trust you to know what you’re talking about.

(Also, we can discuss it to help make the most supportive decision for you).

$3,000 for Six Months. If you are comfortable in your current financial situation, this is an equity-based rate to offer the same badass coaching services and results at a more accessible price point.

$5,000 for Six Months. For financially abundant clients or if $5,000 feels juuuust a bit out of your comfort zone, choose this rate. This rate also supports a deep discount scholarship rate for trans and BIPOC clients.

$1,000 Scholarship Rate for Six Months. Scholarship spots are offered on a one for one basis, supplemented by the $5,000 rate. For each $5,000 client, a $1,000 spot is opened for a multiply marginalized client to receive coaching.

Let’s have a coffee date to chat about how coaching can help you time travel to your new, expansive self-concept ASAP (but sans hustle).