1:1 Coaching

The reason people who win the lottery end up back where they started financially is because they have no fucking idea what to do with all that money. They didn’t have a plan. They didn’t expand to be the kind of person who knows what to do with that amount of money.

Likewise, if you woke up tomorrow and all your dreams came true overnight, I guarantee you would flip out and panic and get back, more or less, to your baseline of today.

Caitlin, a fat femme person, is smiling at the camera after throwing fake flowers into the air and the flowers fell to the ground. Caitlin's arms are in a shrugging position.
Photo by Jen Hearn

For your self-concept to EXPAND and hold those dreams and results, it needs time and space.

This is why coaching is so magical. Because in the coaching container (fancy words for “when we meet regularly for you to focus on your growth”), we’re pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and self-concept.

Coaching helps you expand your self-concept a lot faster than just dicking around and reading a bunch of books without taking action.

What do you get in a 1:1 coaching relationship?

In our six months together, we’ll connect once a week during 50-minute sessions to help you identify blocks and limits in the way of your wildest dreams, work through them, and come out the other side knowing you have all you need to move forward (AKA Zoom calls, which you can record if you like!)

I am NOT the hero of this story — you are! I am the guide who helps you see that you are capable of amazing shit on your terms.

The vibe check

It’s important for both of us that we connect on values, work style, and personality. Sometimes the vibes are off, and that’s okay! If anything has turned you off thus far, it’s cool. No hard feelings, and I wish you well on your way.

But if you’re like… Hmmmmmmm this person is pretty zesty and interesting, then I invite you to book a call on my calendar to check that out!

We’ll probably get along if you:

  • are neurodivergent
  • believe strongly in social justice
  • think I’m funny
  • love pets
  • are chronically ill or otherwise a spoonie (and you know what spoon theory is)
  • like 90s-00s pop but also think the 90s were ten years ago
  • are willing to have your perceptions challenged

We will NOT get along well if you:

  • want to work on a weight loss goal
  • think JKR has some valid points
  • think audiobooks don’t count as reading
  • like Rachel Hollis

Let’s have a coffee date to chat about how coaching can help you time travel to your new, expansive self-concept ASAP (but sans hustle).


One of my core values for my spirit and business is accessibility. I am able to offer incredible value through my coaching work by properly pricing them at every stage of financial accessibility. As 1:1 coaching is my most hands-on and intensive work with clients, this investment is $5,000 for a six month package.

If this feels like a stretch, I encourage you to schedule a call to discuss your goals and the outcomes available to you through coaching. The consult itself is absolutely free and, honestly, life-changing.