Work With Me

Let’s get down to business. Or pleasure, if that’s what you’re working on. 

You’ve heard it all, from society, from your friends and family, and from your own mind. 

You second guess, procrastinate, and hold back on going for your big, world-changing, amazing dreams because you’re afraid of failure, vulnerability, criticism, and everything else. 

I’ve been there. 

Days before a trip to a conference where I launched a workshop, I had a panic attack and almost canceled. I was terrified to be seen. To look foolish. To not be the expert. 

I went anyway. I did it. I turned the workshop into a course and its own brand. 

I had to stay afraid and do it anyway, as our dear space mom Carrie Fisher said. 

I coach clients who are launching businesses, writing books, working through old relationship habits to bring healthier love into their lives, and anybody who is ready to stop being scared of the big “What if?” 

What if you go for it and you fail? 

Counter argument: What if you go for it and it’s AWESOME? 

I offer coaching and consulting in a few different ways.

VIP Power Hour

If you need laser focused support for one focus area, a power hour is a great option. We’ll review your goals and outline the power hour objectives in your initial clarity call and then book a ninety minute session where you’ll get focused one on one coaching and guidance to power through your planning process.

A VIP power hour is $250.

Get started with a free clarity call.


90 Day Goal Glow Up is a 15-week small group coaching container to work toward one goal with consistency and focus. It’s part course, part coaching, with a weekly training curriculum alongside group and 1:1 coaching.

All applicants receive a free training to take action regardless of whether or not they buy, so submit an application here!

Monthly Membership

Passion Pacers is my monthly membership for creatives, with a framework of training modules to help grow your confidence and achieve balance between work, life, play, and rest to work toward your passion project at a sustainable pace. Join here for $37 per month.