Work With Me

Let’s get down to business. Or pleasure, if that’s what you’re working on. 

You’ve heard it all, from society, from your friends and family, and from your own mind. 

You second guess, procrastinate, and hold back on going for your big, world-changing, amazing dreams because you’re afraid of failure, vulnerability, criticism, and everything else. 

I’ve been there. 

Days before a trip to a conference where I launched a workshop, I had a panic attack and almost canceled. I was terrified to be seen. To look foolish. To not be the expert. 

I went anyway. I did it. I turned the workshop into a course and its own brand. 

I had to stay afraid and do it anyway, as our dear space mom Carrie Fisher said. 

I coach clients who are launching businesses, writing books, working through old relationship habits to bring healthier love into their lives, and anybody who is ready to stop being scared of the big “What if?” 

What if you go for it and you fail? 

Counter argument: What if you go for it and it’s AWESOME? 

When in doubt, a free clarity call is always a great first step.

1:1 support

Working with me 1:1 as your coach is a six month commitment to your future self. We will meet weekly to get you where you’re going faster than ever before, but also with more BELIEF in yourself than ever before! Learn more about 1:1 coaching on this page, or go ahead and schedule your free clarity call.

If you need laser focused one-time support, a VIP Day is a great option. We’ll review your goals in your initial clarity call and then book a half day session where you’ll get focused 1:1 coaching and guidance, along with up to two asset reviews and two deliverables from me. Beta pricing for VIP days is $750.

Get started with a free clarity call.

Writing Incubator

Working Title is a cohort-based twelve month book writing incubator designed to help you finish your first draft without hustling or abandoning your work in progress in your Google Drive graveyard. We enroll twice a year and the investment is $3,000.

Learn more here and join the wait list!

Monthly Membership

The Creatives’ Rebellion is an anti-capitalist, anti-hustle, anti-shame space to unlearn the lies of productivity culture and trust yourself to create on your own terms.

Learn more, defy the status quo, and join the Rebellion!