The Vegan Whole30 – Why and How?

Update, 2022: Hi! This post is gaining traction once again, likely due to New Years Resolutions. And I am here to tell you that the Whole30 is a diet, and that I was deeply in the worst time of my eating disorder when I did this diet and wrote this blog. I honestly don't think … Continue reading The Vegan Whole30 – Why and How?

Some thoughts on food

As we minimize the clutter in our spaces and minds, shouldn't we also minimize the clutter in our food? I'm pretty much over eating anything I can't pronounce. I had heard about these "GMOs" that have had people up in arms in recent months and years, but only recently have I done more digging and … Continue reading Some thoughts on food

Paring down the kitchen

I recently acquired a new love in my kitchen, the TofuXpress. ┬áIf you're vegetarian, vegan, or someone who enjoys tofu (but doesn't enjoy pressing it between two plates and beneath a tower of heavy objects), go check it out. Right now. I'll wait. Per my own minimalist rules... if it doesn't get used regularly (once … Continue reading Paring down the kitchen