Busy is Not the Same as Hustle

I'm the anti-hustle, burnout recovery coach. So when I'm doing a lot of work, sometimes I start thinking that I'm doing it wrong. That I should never be busy, because that goes against what I teach. And then I had a human design reading. It blew my mind! First of all, I thought Human Design … Continue reading Busy is Not the Same as Hustle

An abstract, bright painting on canvas in an amateur artist studio

Amateur Artists are Great, Actually

We've all seen them: the paintings in the hallway of the local hotel, the amateurish still lifes in the dentist's office, and the Sunday painter landscapes that are charming if not technically "fine art." While the works of amateur artists may not be technical masterpieces, they have beauty and charm that's hard to resist! There … Continue reading Amateur Artists are Great, Actually

4 Goal Setting Rules to Break

Everyone knows that goal setting is important, but most people have a hard time making the changes they want in their lives or businesses! Sometimes it just feels easier to stick with what we know. Why? Because the process of goal setting and achieving your goals can be overwhelming, and society is practically begging us … Continue reading 4 Goal Setting Rules to Break

Today is Day One

If you could not fail What would you do if you had the time, money, and energy to do it? If you knew you could not fail? Learn a new skill? Spend more time with your kids? Take a family vacation? Take a vacation by¬†yourself or with your spouse? Write a book? Lose 50 pounds? … Continue reading Today is Day One