11 Experts Explain the Minimalist Principles That Help You Maximize Life

I used to write about minimalism a lot before I shifted into coaching and mentorship work, but I recently contributed to this great post from Apartment Guide, written by Carson Sperry. His full article is below, full of great tips to minimize stuff and maximize what matters most to you. Learn how to live life … Continue reading 11 Experts Explain the Minimalist Principles That Help You Maximize Life

The Number One Way to Simplify Your Life

Is it touching everything you own and asking yourself if it sparks joy? Is it decluttering one area at a time and putting things where they go right away so you never end up with a living, breathing, "Keep" pile? Is it limiting yourself to only one hundred belongings that you can fit into a … Continue reading The Number One Way to Simplify Your Life

Minimalist jewelry box

Is your jewelry box overstuffed? Jewelry can be hard to minimize, because it really doesn't take up all that much space and it often has sentimental memories attached or may cause you feelings of guilt when you consider relocating it from your life.  Wedding rings, inherited jewelry, gifts from current or past partners, gifts from … Continue reading Minimalist jewelry box

My not-so-minimalist bathroom

Hi, I'm Caitlin, and I am a recovered Just-In-Case-A-Holic. I took the opportunity to remove everything from my bathroom while I was cleaning it, so I could take an honest look at what I had.  My findings astounded me. How about those four brand-new deodorants? The two packs of makeup remover cloths when I hardly … Continue reading My not-so-minimalist bathroom

Paring down the kitchen

I recently acquired a new love in my kitchen, the TofuXpress.  If you're vegetarian, vegan, or someone who enjoys tofu (but doesn't enjoy pressing it between two plates and beneath a tower of heavy objects), go check it out. Right now. I'll wait. Per my own minimalist rules... if it doesn't get used regularly (once … Continue reading Paring down the kitchen

New closet, new rules

As described in an earlier post, Cleaning out the closet, I pared down my wardrobe to 50-ish items before moving from my mother's house to my own flat.  I am slightly ashamed to say that I did rescue one sweater from the purge pile, but I did add another shirt to the purge pile in … Continue reading New closet, new rules