A watercolor painting in red, of a woman's face. Her head is thrown back in pain and/or rage, her mouth is open in a cry, and her eyes are squinted shut. The watercolor paint drips like tears from her eyes and spatters in lines up the paper.

Nothing is Normal

We keep going to work and buying groceries and living life while everything around us is wrong. It is so expensive to barely survive right now — prices and profits are soaring while wages stagnate. CEOs get stock options while workers' hours get cut. The government is full of people elected by rigged systems, gerrymandered, the … Continue reading Nothing is Normal

Current events: Car free with six kids

I'm signed up for regular email updates from Care2.com, and this post came with a recent email blast, containing a brief story about Emily Finch, a mother of six who does not own a car and instead transports her family via bicycle. Around the summer of 2009…Emily said, “I started looking at my life… I … Continue reading Current events: Car free with six kids

Current events: Life without cash

I recently read an article online about Heidemarie Schwermer, a woman who has lived without cash for sixteen years! She started a year-long experiment to see if she could live without money, and relied on a barter system of goods and services to get what she needed to survive.  After the success of her experiment … Continue reading Current events: Life without cash