Colored pencil shavings. Practicing and making mistakes is key to how to be more creative.

How to Be More Creative

Most of us have creative impulses — whether we listen to them or not. So many of my creative coaching clients have lists and lists of amazing, creative ideas but don't know where to start or which idea is the "right" one that deserves their attention. If that sounds like you, keep reading! By the … Continue reading How to Be More Creative

FREE Webinar: How to Create Goals without Burnout

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels Do you run your car down to empty before you fill it up, or wait until your phone is in the single digits of battery percentage before you charge it? ⁠⁠You're probably doing the same to yourself.⁠⁠I've always been the type to give 110% and not take breaks... Until I burned out … Continue reading FREE Webinar: How to Create Goals without Burnout