4 Ways to Balance Productivity and Cleanliness

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash Cleanliness and productivity go hand in hand. There’s been plenty of research done over the years to support this idea, too. Some of the benefits of a clean environment include lower stress levels, higher morale, and increased focus. More to come on how to balance these in a minute. If … Continue reading 4 Ways to Balance Productivity and Cleanliness

The Number One Way to Simplify Your Life

Is it touching everything you own and asking yourself if it sparks joy? Is it decluttering one area at a time and putting things where they go right away so you never end up with a living, breathing, "Keep" pile? Is it limiting yourself to only one hundred belongings that you can fit into a … Continue reading The Number One Way to Simplify Your Life

Decluttering the car

It is so easy to make a mess in the car.  You're driving and eating, driving and talking, driving and dealing with a dog in the car, driving and listening to music... very rarely do we just get into the car and drive somewhere in silence without touching any other object.  Thus, our car gets … Continue reading Decluttering the car

The clutter of broken promises

This post is inspired by a recent post on Miss Minimalist. In her post, she describes a baby swing that she purchased because it promised to make her fussy baby nap.  Though she is a die-hard "minsumerist," she wasted no time parting with her money to buy this swing, this promise of peace while her … Continue reading The clutter of broken promises