For the parents healing generational wounds

I used to be so fucking judgmental about parenting. I was SURE that I'd be the best parent ever. (Pause for laughter to subside). Now, I'm a lot more knowledgeable, a lot less judgy, and have a LOT more grace for parents doing the hardest work in the world with little to no thanks, and … Continue reading For the parents healing generational wounds

8 Books to Help You Heal from Childhood Wounds and Estrangement

Estrangement is a final boundary that many adult children choose to enforce with their parents after a lifetime of not being heard, valued, or respected. It's not a decision that people make lightly or easily — indeed, there are countless barriers to estrangement that come from a societal belief that family is an immutable, infallible bond that can't be broken or ignored. There is no morality in estrangement. Those who can cut off their parents aren't better people with better boundaries. Those who continue a relationship with parents who abused them aren't broken or codependent or foolish for wanting to keep their parents in their life.