Three Life Lessons from Lizzo

I love Lizzo. I have painted one human portrait in my entire life, and it was of Lizzo. Lizzo helps me feel good about my body. Her music inspires me to sing and dance. I admire her deeply, more and more every time I find out something new about her. Life Lesson One: All Bodies … Continue reading Three Life Lessons from Lizzo

The 9 Books That Defined My 2019

Part of being a good writer is being a good reader After what can only be described as voracious reading of fiction and fantasy as a child, I lost reading for pleasure as an adult and switched only to “productive” reading. Self help. Motivation. Business building. Personal development. After several years, I let myself read … Continue reading The 9 Books That Defined My 2019

Comfort in my own skin

Losing weight used to be the most important thing in my life. Year after year, it was my resolution each January. And year after year, despite my weight, I still never felt like I had succeeded. If I gained, I had obviously failed. If I maintained, I had not done enough. If I lost, I … Continue reading Comfort in my own skin