Submission Guidelines

Interested in
submitting a blog post to my site?

I am open to guest submissions. Please make sure that your pitch meets these guidelines.

Note: This website used to be Born Again Minimalist and has been rebranded. The same audience and blog archive exist here; the domain name has changed to reflect the rebrand.

Your post should relate to one of the following topics.


Self Improvement

This topic encompasses topics around productivity, motivation, confidence, career, personal finance, etc. Self Improvement blogs should give the reader advice about how to implement your tips/content to improve their own lives.

Mental Health

Mental Health topics can include trauma recovery, neurodiversity, mental illness, eating disorders/diet culture, shame, and more. Mental health blogs should not have a “broken” mentality about mental illness.

Social Justice and

As a queer, neurodivergent, disabled millennial writer who seeks to dismantle white supremacy, I invite topics about social justice and identity including (but certainly not limited to) blogs about the Black Lives Matter movement, queer issues, ableism, politics, and generational issues.


Relationship blogs can be about communication, love languages, abuse recovery, red flags and boundaries, breakups, and more. Relationship blogs do not have to be romantic; they can be about any type of relationship, including relationship with the self.

Self Care

Self Care topics explore our deep need for play, rest, and devotion to our needs. Blogs topics can include creativity, listening to your intuition, recovering from (or avoiding) burnout, etc. Please avoid commercialized “self care” tips like bath bombs and mani/pedis unless you also address deeper needs.


Word Count & Expertise

Aim to have at least 800 – 1200 words and should showcase a level of expertise and mastery with the content.


Feel free to place links in your blog post to direct to your website. If you use affiliate links please disclose appropriately.


All blog posts are shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Please provide your handles if you would like to be tagged!


Please provide a link to your preferred royalty-free images from Unsplash, Pexels, or another royalty-free stock photo website (or provide your own photographs with the information needed to credit you).


Please provide a bio and headshot to be credited. You may include links to your website. Please include your pronouns!


I may provide editing notes if the content needs to be refined or edited to reflect submission guidelines. When published, I may add editors’ notes or make small changes to content to better align with the integrity of the content topic.


I intend to publish any pitches I accept via email; however, I reserve the right to refuse publication if, after editing, the post still does not align with the submission guidelines.


I aspire to have a fast turnaround and have your blog scheduled within two weeks of submission acceptance, but sometimes my ADHD powers delete things from my brain. Please feel free to email me again if you haven’t heard back.


Please use the contact form to get in touch and submit a pitch.