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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Since the earthquakes of 2012 there has been a vast change in my life!
    This article has been the nearest construct to the new me I have yet seen!
    Although I dislike labels, there is comfort and also curiosity.
    I’ve been through a forced renewal and oft times I think back on the old me like a character in a book long lost yet fondly remembered!
    I would write more but it’s half past midnight and slumber finally entices me away!

  2. Just read your article on millennial entitlement. Must say that , despite being 2 decades older than your group, I certainly can identify with your description. And can I join your Facebook group? Sometimes it feels like I could really use friends like that. Thanks for your writing.

  3. I LOVED the article on millenials – you are SPOT ON… the facebook group? Is it Geek at Home Moms? If so… i might have seen you…? (I actually just checked and I think I was removed somehow… which is sad because I really enjoyed the posts that came out of that group… huh.)

    Anyway, it was amazing. I wish more on this would be written instead of everyone just bashing young people (and each other) constantly. I look forward to seeing what you write next 🙂

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