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The Neurodivergent Creative Podcast (formerly Run Like Hell Toward Happy) helps you embrace your creative needs in the most supportive way for your particular spicy brain.

One listener said, “I had to take a break before I tried to run for president.” It’s just that motivating.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how to tune into your inner voice, reframe your self-sabotaging thoughts, and work through the brain bullshit that keeps you from going for your dreams. And yes, it will help you break the rules!

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The Neurodivergent Creative Pod on Facebook is a place for creatives to unlearn hustle culture, put their passion into practice, and support each other.

“Caitlin gives voice to all the cognitive dissonance I’ve always had about how ‘life’ works and how I feel about living it. It’s so validating to hear someone else say the things I’ve been thinking but couldn’t say out loud. There’s just the right mix of tough love, common sense, and compassion.”

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