Run Like Hell Toward Happy

Run Like Hell Toward Happy is the podcast for overwhelmed creatives to stop hustling and finally create balance between work, life, play, and rest to finally achieve their deep-down dreams.

In this podcast, you will learn how to tune into your inner voice, reframe your negative thoughts that keep you from believing in yourself, and work through all the brain bullshit that keeps you from going for your dreams.

You know, deep down, what you want to be doing. So we’re going to find the confidence, boundaries, and balance to do it, without hustling and burning out.

It’s my mission to stop the status quo of “what we’re supposed to do” and start a revolution of creativity and passion.

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Top episodes

Motivation is not like a muffin | Episode #3

I love personal development books about business, confidence, motivation, everything — but one thing I hate about them is that they almost always end up making a reference to dieting when they’re trying to make a point about consistent habits.

When I started recovery from ED I started seeing how pervasive diet culture messages are everywhere. They’re on TV, in books, even in self help books that have nothing to do with food or dieting or health.

For this reason, I will never compare motivation or habit building to food, dieting, or exercise. Dieting and mindset work are NOT the same thing. 

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

How to make any criticism constructive | Episode #12

Criticism sucks. But we can learn from it and learn to treat it as neutral or even positive with these three questions. One – is it true, and is your interpretation true? Two – is it something you need to change? Three – can you learn from it? Check out this bonus episode for some examples of how to apply these questions to make any criticism constructive. (And which criticism you can safely ignore). 

Estrangement: Can it help you reconnect with yourself? | Episode #17

When the people in your closest relationships are telling you that your ideas aren’t good, or safe, or worth pursuing, that really puts a damper on your creative expression and your ability to try new things and push outside your comfort zone. 

In this episode we talk about boundaries, childhood creativity, being adult children of abusive/toxic parents, and what estrangement MEANS for people who choose it. Spoilers: It’s not a moral choice and isn’t something you HAVE to do in order to heal. 

“Caitlin gives voice to all the cognitive dissonance I’ve always had about how ‘life’ works and how I feel about living it. It’s so validating to hear someone else say the things I’ve been thinking but couldn’t say out loud. There’s just the right mix of tough love, common sense, and compassion.”

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