Materialism is not the enemy

Do you have a favorite shirt? When you develop your minimalist wardrobe, each piece in your closet earns its place by being comfortable, affordable, flattering, and beautiful.  Each piece matters. May my favorite shirt, a brown jersey knit stretch tee with a ruched chest, rest in peace. I noticed it was getting threadbare a couple … Continue reading Materialism is not the enemy

Oh my god, shoes

How many shoes does a minimalist own? Minimalism isn't about having the absolute least amount of stuff that is humanly possible.  It's humanly possible to never leave the house ever and just go barefoot inside all the time.  No shoes and no socks. How minimal.  No, minimalism is having what you need and no more.  … Continue reading Oh my god, shoes

Multifunctional clothing: The cozy

It's a cardigan.  It's a jacket.  It's a cowl neck sweater.  It's off the shoulder.  It's even a scarf.  More than ten sweaters that take up the space of only one -- interested? As minimalists, we strive to detach from the need to obtain physical items to make us happy.  Giving up fashion trends is … Continue reading Multifunctional clothing: The cozy

The case for uniforms

It's occasionally a topic in the news... the great School Uniform Debate.  Do uniforms stifle kids' creativity and individualism, or do they reduce bullying and class distractions by making sure everyone is wearing the same thing?  Both? Neither? While yes, uniforms to reduce students' ability to showcase their personality through what they wear, wouldn't it … Continue reading The case for uniforms