F*** Productivity Resolutions [Podcast]

Show Notes I see your bullet journal holding the weight of all  your hopes and dreams, and I raise you a hustle-free INTENTION instead. It's time to stop acting like the right notebook is all that separates us from our dreams. Your productivity hacks won't work unless they actually meet your needs and fit the … Continue reading F*** Productivity Resolutions [Podcast]

F*** SMART Goal Resolutions [Podcast]

Show Notes Only 9% of people sustain their New Years Resolutions throughout the year or achieve their New Year goals. Thus, New Years Resolutions are ACTUALLY A BAD WAY TO SET GOALS. In this essay, I will... In this five-part mini series I'm calling bullshit on the top New Years Resolutions and suggesting a better, … Continue reading F*** SMART Goal Resolutions [Podcast]

5 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

The curse of the blank page and the blinking cursor: every writer's worst nightmare! (Actually my worst nightmare is all my teeth fall out and the brakes go out in my car as I'm driving down a hill). Let's talk about writer's block and how to work through it. tip 1: Identify the Root Cause … Continue reading 5 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

A watercolor painting in red, of a woman's face. Her head is thrown back in pain and/or rage, her mouth is open in a cry, and her eyes are squinted shut. The watercolor paint drips like tears from her eyes and spatters in lines up the paper.

Nothing is Normal

We keep going to work and buying groceries and living life while everything around us is wrong. It is so expensive to barely survive right now — prices and profits are soaring while wages stagnate. CEOs get stock options while workers' hours get cut. The government is full of people elected by rigged systems, gerrymandered, the … Continue reading Nothing is Normal

What is Gifted Kid Burnout?

Many parents are thrilled when they learn their child is gifted. They may assume their child will sail through school and life with ease. However, there is a downside to being labeled gifted and talented — gifted kid burnout. Many gifted kids experience burnout, either during their school years or later in adulthood. They may … Continue reading What is Gifted Kid Burnout?

Office workers gather around a conference table as they return to work during the pandemic

How to Go Back to the Office During a Pandemic

We'd like to think we're in a post-pandemic society, but COVID-19 continues to spread, infect, and harm people every single day. The general consensus of the US government seems to be that the show must go on, and even companies that have held out for two years have decided it's time to come back to … Continue reading How to Go Back to the Office During a Pandemic