To unfriend, or not to unfriend?

This post is coming from the suggestion box! If you have a Facebook profile, you likely have many friends who you have connected with via the social media giant over the years.  However, times change, lives change, people change, and you may no longer wish to be connected to some of those friends.  Many people … Continue reading To unfriend, or not to unfriend?

Minimalist inbox

I mentioned before that I have eliminated clutter from my email inboxes.  Here is the four-step program for quitting email clutter: Delete unneeded emails Unsubscribe from emails you don't read Organize kept emails with labels or folders Develop a system for dealing with incoming emails I used to have thousands and thousands of emails in … Continue reading Minimalist inbox

Click here to unsubscribe

How often do you delete emails without reading them? It starts innocently enough.  Maybe you signed up for emails to get a discount on your shopping trip one day, or you signed up for a card at a restaurant to get a free appetizer.  Perhaps you signed a petition to show your support for a … Continue reading Click here to unsubscribe

Facebook Friday

Upon logging into Facebook, you're greeted with a landslide of information, advertisements, and photographs.  The tempting text box of the status update area asks, "What's on your mind?" and that's exactly what people answer, sometimes as the thoughts in their head occur to them. What is the point of Facebook? Social media has taken over … Continue reading Facebook Friday


Hi, my name is Caitlin, and I have an iPhone.  There are so many apps for that.  My phone gives me a daily barrage of information about people that I really don't need to know.   I wake up in the night and check my phone.  This has to stop. I am constantly connected.  Facebook … Continue reading Un-plug