Achieving for Love: How Gifted Kid Burnout Manifests in Insecure Adulthood (and How to Fix It)

Being labeled as gifted and talented often leads educators and parents to expect that these children will be good at anything and everything. But giftedness and talent doesn't work like that, and just because these students can do something doesn't mean they should have to master it.

Pushing for Black Business Ownership and Wealth

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash Starting a new business or side-hustle always has obstacles (whether they're from outside forces or your own imposter syndrome). For Black business owners, those obstacles multiply. Whether it’s dealing with daily microaggressions, building a network, or raising capital, it’s an uphill battle for Black-owned businesses thanks to systemic … Continue reading Pushing for Black Business Ownership and Wealth

We Can’t All Be Social Justice Warriors – Does Another Role Fit Better?

By being focused on the activist opportunities that best combine your talents and instincts with the needs in the social justice community, you will have a much easier time staying clear on your particular path to activism.