Do You Treat Creativity Like a Guilty Pleasure?

It’s 2023! We should have MORE time than prior generations to do the things that make us feel fulfilled and joyous, not LESS.  Enter capitalism, here to pay less than a living wage and ruin your day by pressuring you to monetize every minute of your life and every hobby you have.  Human beings are … Continue reading Do You Treat Creativity Like a Guilty Pleasure?

Art Matters. Right Now.

Sometimes, in the middle of a wonderful day, or a beautiful swell of joy and happiness... I start to feel bad. Guilty. Like I'm doing something wrong. Other people in the world are living through terrible things. My own safety isn't guaranteed. But overall, I'm honestly quite happy. And then the guilt sets in. I … Continue reading Art Matters. Right Now.

If I had a nickel for every time I manifested a desk…

I would have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's cool that it happened twice. I've been looking for a desk. Not just any desk, but a small, basic desk or table that I can use for painting, separate from my computer desk. I like designated spaces. Bonus points for a desk with an … Continue reading If I had a nickel for every time I manifested a desk…

Three Life Lessons from Lizzo

I love Lizzo. I have painted one human portrait in my entire life, and it was of Lizzo. Lizzo helps me feel good about my body. Her music inspires me to sing and dance. I admire her deeply, more and more every time I find out something new about her. Life Lesson One: All Bodies … Continue reading Three Life Lessons from Lizzo

A close up image of a geode slice, with teal and dark blue colors.

When It Doesn’t Happen As Planned

I recently completed an art project I've been contemplating for months and working on for weeks. It started when we bought this house a year ago. I wanted a rad background for my Zoom calls, so we painted the office purple and installed a shelf, and my friend offered me a giant framed canvas they … Continue reading When It Doesn’t Happen As Planned

Does Prioritizing Yourself Mean De-Prioritizing Others?

Short answer: Yes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Think about airplane safety, and how they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs. Even your kids! You need to put on your mask before you help your kids put on their masks. Does this mean you are … Continue reading Does Prioritizing Yourself Mean De-Prioritizing Others?

Caitlin, a fat femme person, is smiling at the camera after throwing fake flowers into the air and the flowers fell to the ground. Caitlin's arms are in a shrugging position.

6 Beliefs You’re Allowed to Change

This season of the Run Like Hell Toward Happy podcast is about halfway over, and we've covered six HUGE beliefs taking up a lot of space in your life, for better or worse. Any belief is, effectively, a story you tell yourself. And one that you can rewrite to your liking — even if it's … Continue reading 6 Beliefs You’re Allowed to Change

Colored pencil shavings. Practicing and making mistakes is key to how to be more creative.

How to Be More Creative

Most of us have creative impulses — whether we listen to them or not. So many of my creative coaching clients have lists and lists of amazing, creative ideas but don't know where to start or which idea is the "right" one that deserves their attention. If that sounds like you, keep reading! By the … Continue reading How to Be More Creative