Do we need to have more babies?

Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist, published a piece earlier this month stating that our decreased birth rates are a serious issue.  He mentions the current economic recession, the housing bust, decreased fertility rates among immigrant populations, and a cultural shift placing less importance on children as part of a successful marriage as factors … Continue reading Do we need to have more babies?

A minimalist by any other name…

This is a request from the Suggestion Box. Feel free to suggest a topic you would like me to write about if you are interested in seeing something appear on the Born Again Minimalist blog! What exactly is a minimalist, and how does minimalism differ from simple living, or any other term?  Basically, we're all doing … Continue reading A minimalist by any other name…

On quitting

The Minimalists' first book of essays was free for Kindle recently and I downloaded it and read the whole thing over a weekend.  It's a quick read.  Most of the essays contained within are available from their website but the book also features two unpublished ones, which are fantastic. The stories of these two guys … Continue reading On quitting

The clutter of broken promises

This post is inspired by a recent post on Miss Minimalist. In her post, she describes a baby swing that she purchased because it promised to make her fussy baby nap.  Though she is a die-hard "minsumerist," she wasted no time parting with her money to buy this swing, this promise of peace while her … Continue reading The clutter of broken promises

Materialism is not the enemy

Do you have a favorite shirt? When you develop your minimalist wardrobe, each piece in your closet earns its place by being comfortable, affordable, flattering, and beautiful.  Each piece matters. May my favorite shirt, a brown jersey knit stretch tee with a ruched chest, rest in peace. I noticed it was getting threadbare a couple … Continue reading Materialism is not the enemy