We Can’t All Be Social Justice Warriors – Does Another Role Fit Better?

By being focused on the activist opportunities that best combine your talents and instincts with the needs in the social justice community, you will have a much easier time staying clear on your particular path to activism.

When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

Photo by Allan Bueno on Unsplash I haven't felt like myself lately. I used to always be there for everyone around me with a pep talk for every situation. I listened to people's problems, authentically gave them an ear, and told them that it was okay to not be okay -- but that they were … Continue reading When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

How to Work From Home for the First Time

I’m used to working from home a couple days a week, but this feels different for me too.

Because it's not really "working from home." It's being at home while big global events are happening and it's not safe to do things you normally do...and trying to do your normal work.

Why Can’t We Stay The F*ck Home? Why We Need Social Distancing

It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, it's even understandable. Staying at home when you want to is one thing, but being made to do it makes you feel stressed and, well, isolated.

But let's be totally clear: it’s dangerous.

Easy Ways to Check In With Your Friends

I’m in Ohio, and we’re pretty much shut down. School’s out, people are working from home, and it’s stressful. To minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus and flatten the curve, we’re supposed to isolate ourselves as much as possible from other people.  Luckily, we live in the age of the internet, which means we … Continue reading Easy Ways to Check In With Your Friends

Tiny Ways My Life Has Changed During COVID-19 Isolation

Obviously, big things are happening right now. We're in the midst of a global health crisis. People are scared. Lives have changed in big ways, but they've also changed in small ways. Sometimes the small things feel weirder than the big things. I'm now in my third week of working from home full time. I … Continue reading Tiny Ways My Life Has Changed During COVID-19 Isolation

Do we need to have more babies?

Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist, published a piece earlier this month stating that our decreased birth rates are a serious issue.  He mentions the current economic recession, the housing bust, decreased fertility rates among immigrant populations, and a cultural shift placing less importance on children as part of a successful marriage as factors … Continue reading Do we need to have more babies?

Spreading the word

I'd like to take today's post to share some other blogs I have found since I began my minimalist journey.  I'm following 17 blogs, which seems like a lot, but many of them don't post often, and they aren't all about minimalism.  I am a woman of many interests.  I follow parenting blogs, vegan eating … Continue reading Spreading the word

The case for uniforms

It's occasionally a topic in the news... the great School Uniform Debate.  Do uniforms stifle kids' creativity and individualism, or do they reduce bullying and class distractions by making sure everyone is wearing the same thing?  Both? Neither? While yes, uniforms to reduce students' ability to showcase their personality through what they wear, wouldn't it … Continue reading The case for uniforms

The paradox of choice

Psychologist Barry Schwartz has written a book, The Paradox of choice: Why more is less, describing a serious side effect of our culture that offers us so much freedom through infinite choices without limits.  We are given so many options, so many choices, that they paralyze us and we become preoccupied with selecting the right option, making … Continue reading The paradox of choice