Healing Your Inner Child: The Basics

We all have an inner child, the part of us that is still connected to our childhood, upbringing, and the things we learned in our most formative years. Unfortunately, when we were wounded in childhood, those pains and patterns often come with us and repeat throughout our adult life, affecting relationships, work, and even our … Continue reading Healing Your Inner Child: The Basics

A heart made of red rope hanging on a tree branch. The rope signifies the thread of patterns repeated in relationships and breakups.

How Fast Should You Move On from a Breakup?

As a creative coach, I of course focus on my clients' creative passions, but we coach on all kinds of topics including relationships, boundaries, and breakups. The simple answer to this question is anything but simple: It's different for every person and every breakup. You might need more time than a person who went through … Continue reading How Fast Should You Move On from a Breakup?

A hand placing a clock into a piggy bank, indicating helpful time management skills

Improve Your Time Management Skills with Technology 

Do you feel like you don't have enough time in the day? You're not alone. In fact, most of my friends, clients, and strangers I meet on the street feel that way. Plus, conventional wisdom around time management skills really relies on neurotypical patterns and motivations, so those of us with neurodivergences like ADHD, autism, … Continue reading Improve Your Time Management Skills with Technology 

An exhausted woman with her head in her hands seeking ways to avoid burnout

How to Prevent Burnout for Small Business Owners

Burnout is a huge buzzword right now, because it's a very real thing! Our society's systems inherently lead to burnout. We are tired, overworked, underpaid, and too exhausted to figure out it's all by design. The key to recovery and prevention is finding the solutions that work best for you, so this blog has 7 … Continue reading How to Prevent Burnout for Small Business Owners

What is Gifted Kid Burnout?

Many parents are thrilled when they learn their child is gifted. They may assume their child will sail through school and life with ease. However, there is a downside to being labeled gifted and talented — gifted kid burnout. Many gifted kids experience burnout, either during their school years or later in adulthood. They may … Continue reading What is Gifted Kid Burnout?

A clear desk with a laptop and simple decor is one way to create a calm workspace

How to Create a Calm Workspace

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed when you work? Okay, most of us do. You're not alone in that feeling! A lot of people find their work stressful, and some of that stress can come from our physical environment. In this article, I'll be sharing tips on how to create a calm workspace — an … Continue reading How to Create a Calm Workspace

Achieve Your Goal in 90 Days: Free Info Session REPLAY

This is a follow up to my previous post about my new 90 Day Goal Glow Up program. Read that post here. Today (Friday 3/18) I'm hosting an informal info session about the program at 2:30pm eastern to respond to FAQs and give you an opportunity to ask specific questions about the program. Keep in … Continue reading Achieve Your Goal in 90 Days: Free Info Session REPLAY

Black and white photo of Caitlin facing the camera holding a bouquet of fake flowers, with other flowers at their feet. Caitlin's face is serious and thoughtful for this blog about traumaversary.

5 Things To Do For Your Traumaversary

As we go through our lives after a traumatic event, we may feel like we're over it on the surface, but our body remembers the stress and may repeat it. This can be triggered by the time of year, specific smells, triggering circumstances that remind you of the trauma, and more. This post is about … Continue reading 5 Things To Do For Your Traumaversary

Colored pencil shavings. Practicing and making mistakes is key to how to be more creative.

How to Be More Creative

Most of us have creative impulses — whether we listen to them or not. So many of my creative coaching clients have lists and lists of amazing, creative ideas but don't know where to start or which idea is the "right" one that deserves their attention. If that sounds like you, keep reading! By the … Continue reading How to Be More Creative

An abstract, bright painting on canvas in an amateur artist studio

Amateur Artists are Great, Actually

We've all seen them: the paintings in the hallway of the local hotel, the amateurish still lifes in the dentist's office, and the Sunday painter landscapes that are charming if not technically "fine art." While the works of amateur artists may not be technical masterpieces, they have beauty and charm that's hard to resist! There … Continue reading Amateur Artists are Great, Actually