F*** Money Resolutions [Podcast]

Show Notes This one is not for the Dave Ramsey fans, sorry. Let's talk about why hustling your life away to get out of debt is maybe not the most supportive and compassionate way for you to live your life. K? K. Love you.  We're talking about debt, and how it's not actually morally bad! … Continue reading F*** Money Resolutions [Podcast]

F*** Productivity Resolutions [Podcast]

Show Notes I see your bullet journal holding the weight of all  your hopes and dreams, and I raise you a hustle-free INTENTION instead. It's time to stop acting like the right notebook is all that separates us from our dreams. Your productivity hacks won't work unless they actually meet your needs and fit the … Continue reading F*** Productivity Resolutions [Podcast]

F*** SMART Goal Resolutions [Podcast]

Show Notes Only 9% of people sustain their New Years Resolutions throughout the year or achieve their New Year goals. Thus, New Years Resolutions are ACTUALLY A BAD WAY TO SET GOALS. In this essay, I will... In this five-part mini series I'm calling bullshit on the top New Years Resolutions and suggesting a better, … Continue reading F*** SMART Goal Resolutions [Podcast]

Do You Treat Creativity Like a Guilty Pleasure?

It’s 2023! We should have MORE time than prior generations to do the things that make us feel fulfilled and joyous, not LESS.  Enter capitalism, here to pay less than a living wage and ruin your day by pressuring you to monetize every minute of your life and every hobby you have.  Human beings are … Continue reading Do You Treat Creativity Like a Guilty Pleasure?

Art Matters. Right Now.

Sometimes, in the middle of a wonderful day, or a beautiful swell of joy and happiness... I start to feel bad. Guilty. Like I'm doing something wrong. Other people in the world are living through terrible things. My own safety isn't guaranteed. But overall, I'm honestly quite happy. And then the guilt sets in. I … Continue reading Art Matters. Right Now.

How to not buy ALL the things for self-development (Unless you want to)

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The time of inbox overflow and unsubscribing from a ton of mailing lists you signed up for to get a coupon on one order, then forgot about. The time of end of the year upgrades and deals on business services like Canva, Calendly, Zoom, and more. The … Continue reading How to not buy ALL the things for self-development (Unless you want to)

New moon in Sagittarius: 3 values

I am an extremely amateur astrologist, and I absolutely love using the moon's phases to check in with my intentions and goals each month and throughout the year. The moon works two ways: In month-long cycles (new to full and back to new), and in roughly six month cycles (a new moon under one sign … Continue reading New moon in Sagittarius: 3 values

We need more queer, neurodiverse, and disabled books

This is your cordial invitation to join me for twelve months of coaching to write your book in 2023. Why YOUR book? Because it matters. It matters to me. It matters to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people who want to read it. It matters to YOU, too.  If we want to see more … Continue reading We need more queer, neurodiverse, and disabled books

Busy is Not the Same as Hustle

I'm the anti-hustle, burnout recovery coach. So when I'm doing a lot of work, sometimes I start thinking that I'm doing it wrong. That I should never be busy, because that goes against what I teach. And then I had a human design reading. It blew my mind! First of all, I thought Human Design … Continue reading Busy is Not the Same as Hustle