I wish you’d let me say sorry

Over the past week I've dreamed about my former best friend twice. I almost said ex best friend -- because it feels like an ex situation. Why don't we have more of a cultural narrative around friendships ending? In the first dream, I needed a place to stop for safety. There was a sense of … Continue reading I wish you’d let me say sorry

I Said I’d Never Forgive My Mother… But I Have

I cut contact with my mother in January 2017. It was a sudden decision, but it also wasn't. I had spent several months (if not a couple years) beforehand learning about emotional abuse by reading books like Will I Ever Be Good Enough by Karyl McBride, Toxic Parents by Susan Forward, and Codependent No More … Continue reading I Said I’d Never Forgive My Mother… But I Have

3 Unhelpful thoughts about writing

You know those icebreakers that happen at the start of a new group program, or a Zoom meet-up, or college orientation? The ones where they ask you to tell two truths and a lie about yourself (I have an amazing hack for that game btw), or share a "fun fact" that people don't usually know … Continue reading 3 Unhelpful thoughts about writing

Art Doesn’t Have to Be Good to Be Worthy

Painting is my hobby. My inner artist is primarily a writer, but I love to paint too. I often have a running script in my mind that says, "You should paint more. You should paint more!" This script is not helpful. First, let's talk about that magic word "should." SHOULD you paint more? Write more? … Continue reading Art Doesn’t Have to Be Good to Be Worthy

4 Tips to Help You Write More

I'm part of the #WritingCommunity on Twitter, and I love how supportive the community can be. There are regular writers lift threads where people can get new followers and share their latest work, aspiring authors can ask for advice and hear from the full gamut of writers and experts from the publishing industry, and there … Continue reading 4 Tips to Help You Write More

F*** Productivity Resolutions [Podcast]

Show Notes Before you set a bunch of AMAZING creative resolutions and goals this year, STOP!! Think about them and how to ground them into your already busy life. This is how you'll set yourself up for success and avoid the sneaky shame spiral of feeling like you failed. Creative intentions are 100% recommended - … Continue reading F*** Productivity Resolutions [Podcast]

F*** Weight Loss Resolutions [Podcast]

Show Notes Diet and exercise are the top two New Years Resolutions year after year. Because they do not create lasting results and there is a multibillion dollar diet industry driving the belief that thinness is the ideal. You think you are setting weight loss resolutions for your health, but this is factually untrue. Because … Continue reading F*** Weight Loss Resolutions [Podcast]

F*** Money Resolutions [Podcast]

Show Notes This one is not for the Dave Ramsey fans, sorry. Let's talk about why hustling your life away to get out of debt is maybe not the most supportive and compassionate way for you to live your life. K? K. Love you.  We're talking about debt, and how it's not actually morally bad! … Continue reading F*** Money Resolutions [Podcast]