Hi, I’m Caitlin

Before you work with me, you should get to know me. Consider this a vibe check. 

I’m Caitlin Fisher, an entitled millennial who wants things to be better. 

I am non-binary and my pronouns are they/them. 

I believe in fat liberation, am in recovery from a lifelong eating disorder, and will not work with clients on weight loss goals. 

I swear. Not like a sailor, but I do enjoy a well-placed F-bomb for emphasis.

My career has been a study in industry hopping — With a B.A. in Psychology and an M.Ed. in Higher Education, I’ve worked in career counseling, chemical purchasing, mattress marketing, and houseplant brand development. 

Now, I work with people (like you!) to rethink their limiting beliefs and truly go for the things they know deep down would make them happier. 

But let’s talk about YOU! 

I want to know about what you want, deep down. What’s that dream of yours that you’re too scared to talk about, because of what other people might say? 

I work with people just like you to bust through negative spirals of self doubt, bring new perspectives to old obstacles, and stop procrastinating and making excuses about why you don’t deserve to go for it.

I want you to run like hell toward happy. 


Let’s do one final vibe check in person! 

Book your complimentary clarity call with me so we can talk about your goals. 

Book a spot on my calendar here. 

Coaching Services

I strive to make my services accessible, so I offer coaching at three price points. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, book your complimentary clarity call and we’ll discuss the options. Note: Passion Pacers members receive 10% off all services.

Passion Pacers

Passion Pacers is a group coaching membership that helps overwhelmed creatives make a plan to get back to their passion without burnout.

Visit PassionPacers.com to sign up.

Current pricing for Passion Pacers is $37 per month or $370 per year.

90 Day Goal Glow Up

90 Day Goal Glow Up is a 15-week small group coaching program designed to help you laser focus and achieve one goal of your choosing. Apply here for the current cohort or to get on the wait list for the next cohort. All applicants will receive a free training regardless of whether or not they make a purchase.

Current pricing for 90 Day Goal Glow Up is $2,000.

VIP Power Hour

I no longer offer long term 1:1 packages, but I do offer VIP Power Hours, 90 minute sessions to work through your goals and roadblocks and establish a plan.

These sessions are $250 and can be booked here.



Since we began working together, my entire mindset around my potential, abilities, and creativity has shifted. I have now made steps towards the career and life that I really want, instead of staying “stuck.” I’m now realizing that I DO have potential, and Caitlin supports me as I work towards meeting that potential, while still centering self care and my needs as a chronically ill, neurodivergent person.

Before coaching I felt like I was mediocre at best, and not talented enough to reach the goals I had. After coaching with Caitlin I feel energized, excited for the future, and like the dreams I have of a creative, full career and life ARE possible for me. Caitlin gets where I am coming from as an autistic individual, as someone who is chronically ill, and as someone who has experienced trauma in the past. I look forward to our sessions, and I am so grateful for their support.

— Abi Nichols
Writer, Social Media Marketer, Co-Owner of Wateree Business & Tax


Caitlin customizes their coaching to their clients and is adaptable to many aspects of life. I personally wear many hats and they are available to touch on as many as I wish. It’s an invaluable resource. Caitlin’s ideas of goals include things such as limiting burnout and keeping the fun in what you are doing.

Caitlin is the best coach for me because they hear past my issues to what I really want to get accomplished. They also understand that sometimes life happens and things need to adjust.

— D. Zane Callaghan
Owner of Callaghan Bookkeeping, Author


There is something distinctly empowering about having someone believe in you, especially when you can’t muster that belief yourself. This is what Caitlin offers with their coaching, and it is just the very basis of the foundation of what they offer.

My entire life I have struggled with imposter syndrome, questioning and doubting myself, and general low self esteem. In the most gentle, but direct, way possible, Caitlin encourages me to take a second look and dig for why all of these damaging ways of thinking are falsehoods.

With Caitlin’s coaching, I am learning to not only be patient with myself, but with life in general. It’s not a race, and the only way to keep going is with small steps, gentleness of self, growth, and steady perseverance.

These are all steps that Caitlin is helping me take and I am so glad for their guiding hands and words.

— Kayla Rossbach
Super Busy Mom, Sewist, Crafter, Owner of Mishap Mama


Caitlin has been invaluable in helping me launch my business. They are kind and insightful, while still working as a springboard for my ideas. It was very easy to receive pointed feedback from them! Caitlin assisted me in streamlining my many thoughts and their logo is very eye catching! Thank you so much. I look forward to a long and successful partnership.

— Elliot Love
Owner, Grayson Alchemical

Photos by Jennifer Hearn