Do You Treat Creativity Like a Guilty Pleasure?

It’s 2023! We should have MORE time than prior generations to do the things that make us feel fulfilled and joyous, not LESS. 

Enter capitalism, here to pay less than a living wage and ruin your day by pressuring you to monetize every minute of your life and every hobby you have. 

Human beings are INHERENTLY creative. Before we had Etsy and TikTok, we had cave paintings, stick and poke tattoos, and oral histories told around the fire. Even on the scale of our own lives, childhood is full of make believe and passion, while adulthood sees a general bland-ing of the things that make our hearts sing.

Does this sound like you? 

🚩 You’re a passionate, creative person – but you never have the time for your creative needs

🚩 You try to monetize every hobby into a side hustle to justify it, even selling at a loss 

🚩 You think that for your creative ideas to be worth it, they have to be perfectly original 

I’m hosting a free class to help you reclaim your passions once and for all TODAY Monday, January 23! 

Here’s the thing… in a society that treats creativity like a guilty pleasure, it’s revolutionary to take it back and embrace your creative needs without apology.

My free class, Art is Revolution: Reclaim Your Passions Under Capitalism, is all about how to stand up and reclaim your creativity on your terms! 

Here’s what you’ll learn

✔️ The most common ways you may be sabotaging your passions, and how to kick imposter syndrome in the face

✔️ How to make creativity part of your everyday routine without pressure or hustle

✔️ How your art impacts the world and helps everyone around you be more creative too

✔️ How to shift from hustle culture to being a creative rebel and taking back your passions!

This is officially the most popular and signed-up-for free class I’ve offered as a creative coach, and I am SO THRILLED to be able to teach it. Sign up NOW to reserve your spot in this training, and I’ll see you tonight.

One thought on “Do You Treat Creativity Like a Guilty Pleasure?

  1. My creativity (once the daylight appears) will be the art of tidying. I’ve put off sorting out materials for some upcycling, but I’ve got the mind to do it now as a creative venture in being organised (inspiration from both Marie Kondo and more recently watching Stacey Solomon).

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