New moon in Sagittarius: 3 values

I am an extremely amateur astrologist, and I absolutely love using the moon’s phases to check in with my intentions and goals each month and throughout the year.

The moon works two ways: In month-long cycles (new to full and back to new), and in roughly six month cycles (a new moon under one sign until the next full moon in that sign).

Journaling with the moon for a month is a great way to stay focused on short-term goals and intentions. As the lit face of the moon grows, so does your action toward the goal. At the point of the full moon, it’s time to release what no longer serves you. As the moon wanes, it’s an ideal time to practice gratitude and receiving.

I even have a moon phase guide on my desk (pictured, left), so I can place a crystal on the current phase of the moon.

Journaling for the new moon, I was able to distill my intentions into three overarching values for my next season, whether that’s the next 28 days of the lunar cycle, the next 90 days, or the next six-ish months until the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3, 2023.


As I head into December, into 2023, into what feels like the next phase of my entire life… I want to practice the belief that I am enough, I have enough, and I am doing enough. Better yet, I am MORE than enough, I have MORE than enough, and I do MORE than enough.

Enough is permission to rest (not that we should need permission). It’s appreciation for all that we have and all we are creating.

I wrote:

Over the next weeks and months, I want to practice believing that I have more than enough already.

I have enough food to nourish myself. More than enough.

I have enough money to pay all of my bills, invest in my art and passions, and take care of my needs. More than enough.

I have enough time to complete my work, spend time with people I love, and partake in my hobbies without guilt. More than enough.

I have enough rest to recover from daily stresses and enjoy my off-time without any shame. More than enough.


I am entering a busy season. My freelance and coaching commitments are both fully booked, and that can feel a little scary. I’m worried that I’ll burn out (ie, that I don’t have enough time or enough rest).

In my journaling, I outlined my desired work hours – just 30 a week. And all of my work for freelance and coaching clients fits into these hours. (MAGIC!)

I wrote:

Over the next cycle of the moon, I will practice this new commitment to my schedule. Then I will evaluate and adjust as needed.

Commitment does not mean forever. It means committing to something, showing up, and noticing what works and what doesn’t. This is cosmic permission for it to be okay to change your mind later.


Because I am a multi-passionate person (and entrepreneur), I have a lot of different kinds of clients, programs, and obligations. And because I have ADHD, sometimes I’m scattered!

What I want is to be fully present for whichever client(s) I’m working with in those sacred, scheduled hours. And so I wrote in my journal:

I want to develop a ritual to call in my focus and attention to the spaces I show up in. I want to be present.

I’m so happy with these three values to guide me through the next season as I expand my capacity to give and receive.

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