Q&A: A writing community for neurodivergent, chronically ill writers

The doors to the Working Title Writing Incubator are open, for a limited time! Doors will close this Saturday night so that our cohort of writers can begin their work together the first week of December. 

So if you’ve been thinking about it and can’t decide, it’s my hope that this Q&A will help you make the right choice for you, for now. Because I want this to be a HELL YEAH if you’re saying yes. So what do you need to know to make it a HELL YEAH?

Question 1: Can you guarantee I’ll write my book in 12 months?

Nope! I can’t do your work for you.

What I do guarantee is that you’ll have access to training and coaching on everything you need to write your book in our 12 months together. If you DON’T write a book in this program, you’d have to be burying your head in the sand. 

The Working Title incubator provides everything you need to make your book a priority, through weekly coaching calls, coworking, and workshop sessions that give you the time and space you need to show up for your book and make it as great as possible. (PLUS SO MUCH MORE! Guest expert trainings, goal intensives, and optional 1:1 strategy sessions!)

You show up, commit to your plan, and put in the time and effort to make your results inevitable. 

Question 2: I don’t love group programs. Can I work with you 1:1? 

If you’re not into group programs, Working Title may not be the right fit for you. But I’d love to explain why a group program can actually be more impactful for you and your book than working 1 on 1. Working Title is a writing incubator designed to support multiple fledgling writers as they find their wings. I’m leaning into the bird’s nest metaphor, but you get the point. 

Group programs can be an incredible resource, even more in-depth than 1:1, for several reasons: 

Groups give you the opportunity to see what is possible, every single day. The feedback from your fellow writers is an invaluable resource as you soak up their wins and think, “Wow, I could do that too!” is a GAME. CHANGER. 

Groups answer so many more questions than you thought you had. When you’re in a group and everyone can ask their unique questions, it inevitably inspires you to reflect and ask  yours too. Likewise, it’s entirely possible to get all the coaching you need to move forward in your writing without ever being in the “hot seat” and being the one to ask. You get to benefit from every single writer’s questions and the coaching they receive in a group program. 

Groups are conducive to work-rest balance. In a 1:1 container, there’s a lot of internal, perfectionist pressure to have breakthroughs and be 100% ON in every weekly call. Not so with groups. The fact that others will be asking questions and sharing their work means you can absorb and learn from the group dynamic, AND the coaching calls, even if you aren’t actively participating due to low spoons on any given week.

Groups lead to creative problem-solving. Seeing what others are doing with the resources available to them, especially if they’re personalizing and making the resources their own, is hugely inspirational! Seeing others “break the rules” and share their wins in creative ways will allow you to see more possibilities for yourself and your book too. 

Groups build community and lifelong friendships. The other writers in your cohort provide a great sense of community, camaraderie, and friendship during this process. Knowing that you aren’t alone in your struggles makes a world of difference. Being in a group lets you normalize every part of your writing journey as you connect with other writers going through the same process.

If you’d like to add a 1:1 element to your Working Title experience for an individualized check-in, that’s a bonus available for pay-in-full members! 

Question 3: How is this approach different from any other writing group?

I’ve been in multiple writing communities, some free and some paid, and one of the most valuable lessons I learned was to share my work with others to get feedback from peers. That’s why I made it a MUST to include a peer workshop component when I was designing Working Title!

In addition, I designed Working Title to be supportive for spoonie writers like me – for neurodivergent, chronically ill, disabled writers who don’t always have predictable energy and motivation. Working Title has accommodations built right in, so there’s no sense of needing to struggle to keep up. 

You create your 90 day roadmaps. You’re in charge of setting your own realistic, energizing goals that are adjustable and will help you learn and grow. This provides structure and routine, but grounded in your own personal reality that you know best. I can’t tell you how you work best, but the Working Title incubator will help you dial in on the aspects YOU need for accountability and motivation. 

You set your accountability terms. If you need external accountability and structure, Working Title can provide that. If you need a more loose and free approach, Working Title can be more hands-off. Because this program operates in small cohorts and is run by a human being, that means I can be as hands-on or -off as you personally require. Within my own reasonable boundaries, of course!

You utilize the resources you need. If you are not a curriculum and workbooks type, but you love coaching and workshop opportunities, do that. If you don’t like live coaching, but you love body-doubling in the coworking calls and completing workbooks, do that. There’s no shaming for not using up every single part of this program. You know the accommodations you need. 

Beyond that, I can only tell you that this approach has worked for me to write two 50k+ word novels in eleven months and has helped my clients stay focused on their writing goals without spiraling into self-sabotage and abandoning their projects. 

I think we’re doing pretty amazing work here. 

Question 4: Is Working Title for beginners or experienced writers? 

Even if you’re a “beginner” or “aspiring” writer, my bet is that you have a lot more experience than you’re giving yourself credit for. Even published authors still think of themselves as beginners or apprentices in the craft!

One of the things that stops writers from writing is the sense that they’re not good enough yet, that their words aren’t important enough for someone else to read. This is just a story your brain is telling you. It doesn’t make it true. 

Through the weekly coaching calls in Working Title, you’ll be able to see these stories (or brain snacks, as I explained in the live training!) for what they are: just stories. You can see them from different angles, appreciate what they were doing for you, and actively choose another option that serves you better. 

And because the coaching calls will work on your individual questions, new and experienced writers alike will get what you need to move forward on your draft. 

Wanna blow your mind? I think your imposter syndrome is trying to protect you. Yeah. It’s your ally. That part of your brain, the self sabotaging part, is the part that protects you from the fear of making mistakes, being criticized, etc. And when you see it like that, it makes perfect sense, right? It would be totally normal to not apply for a CEO position when you don’t have the experience. But this part of your brain can’t tell the difference between that and not being the CEO of writing. You get to decide that you will write anyway. 

Question 5: What makes this ideal for neurodivergent or chronically ill writers? 

(AKA: I don’t have a lot of time or energy, can I still make this work?)

Great question. Working Title prioritizes balance over hustle. In this space, you’ll be actively unlearning the internalized ableism of our hustle culture and replacing it with a balanced approach to rest and work. I covered a lot of this in question 3, but let’s go a little more in depth.  

You decide how much your 100% is. This program is not a ‘hustle your book and never write again’ incubator. It’s twelve months on purpose. You could draft a book in six months, three months, even one month if you focused on nothing else. But that’s not what Working Title is about. It’s about showing up at a sustainable level and developing a lifelong writing practice at whatever YOUR 100% is. 

Goal intensives help you balance work and rest. The Working Title incubator includes a 15-week framework to propel your writing in 90 day intensives. During these 15 week periods, you’ll have LIVE training calls to teach you practical skills like goal setting, time management, and more – as well as mindset skills to help you notice and reframe those self sabotaging thoughts we talked about.

This intensive has five phases: Planning, Habit Building, Self-Concepting, Ass Kicking, and Evaluation. Workshops and coworking calls will be more frequent during the intensive too. 

After the intensive, we simmer back down into an integration period so you can absorb what you learned and apply it to your writing practice. 

This balance between more intense goal-oriented work and less intense integration periods is designed to help you normalize your individual balance of work and rest. 

Adjustable goals. I don’t teach SMART goals, I teach REAL goals. In Working Title, your goals will be realistic, energizing, adjustable, and learning-focused.

I’m autistic, ADHD, anxious, and I have fibromyalgia and other chronic pain issues. My clients do too. What makes Working Title ideal for disabled writers is a commitment to compassion and adjustable goals that fit your life and your bandwidth.

If you find yourself midway through an intensive and you don’t have the spoons for  your goal anymore, you get to change it. No shame. No guilt. Just you honoring your body and mind. 

Question 6: Is this a month-to-month membership I can cancel?

Nope, this is a program that lasts twelve months, not a monthly subscription. Once you’re in, you are committing to your book for the twelve months of your Working Title incubator membership!

Here’s why this is better for you and your book than a monthly subscription:

You get clear on your desired results. If you could mosey in and out if you were “feeling it” that month, you have a really big exit sign right above your goals. It says “You don’t actually have to do this.” Working Title is for people who are ready to write their book. That means you are READY to take this committed action toward the goal you really really want. Isn’t that DELICIOUS? 

You show up differently. When you know you are investing in a program with a beginning and end date, it changes your behavior and starts the transformation already. You have twelve months to use this resource to its fullest, so if you’re about to make that commitment, your brain starts paying attention. 

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. I thought I’d have “lifetime access” to a coaching program I’m in. It’s also 12 months, and I recently found out I wouldn’t have lifetime access to everything inside. I started submitting two assets a week for review and getting coaching on every call – because I wanted to get all the value I could out of my limited time in that resource. My results changed because of how I showed up. That’s what’s possible for you too.

You see your goal through, all the way. This program is twelve months on purpose. You could write faster, or you could take longer. But twelve months is the sweet spot of being able to show up, work on your goals, make mistakes, and learn from that experience to finally nail it and get where you’re going. 

Coaching clients tend to freak out a little bit around the three month mark. Because you’re starting to see results, and it can be scary to see results! (Sounds weird, right? It’s so normal). Self sabotage usually comes around this time to ruin your day. So in a dedicated twelve month program, you’re going to have the resources you need from coaching and peer support to get back up and keep moving forward. 

Question 7: Is there a payment plan? 

Yep. Working Title is $3,000 for your twelve month experience. You can pay in full to get the 90 minute 1:1 call bonus, or in six payments of $500. 

Questions answered? Let’s goooooo. You can grab your spot in the Working Title Writing Incubator HERE!

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