Can you really write a book in a year?

If you have to ask, you probably haven’t seen the replay of Finish Your First Draft, yesterday’s free training!

If any of these red flags sound like your usual writing routine… Go watch that replay.

🚩 Comparing your first draft to someone else’s finished product and holding yourself to that impossible standard

🚩 Worrying about things that are down the road, like finding a publisher or getting bad reviews

🚩 Giving up on one story idea to focus on another, forever and ever 

Bring your favorite notebook (yes, the one that’s too pretty for anything) and jot down your biggest takeaways. After one hour, you’ll be able to make a sustainable plan to write your book in the next twelve months.

And if you’re ready to jump into action, just keep reading to find out how you can indeed get that story out of your head and onto the page in the next year!

Because if you KNOW you’re ready to write it, but there’s always something in the way, you probably also know it’s time for a new approach. It’s time to do something new to stay accountable and finally finish your book. And that’s what I’m offering in the Working Title Writing Incubator. 

If your Google Drive looks like a sad place where works in progress go to languish for the rest of their days, Working Title will help you pick one project and see it through. 

If you’ve got a Pinterest board FULL of writing tips that you’ve never revisited to put into action, Working Title will help you learn the practical writing skills you need to uplevel your story.

If you have your writing chops but keep getting stuck in the fear of what comes next or whether your writing is good enough,  Working Title will help you make a plan for right now and see it through.

If you STILL don’t “feel like a real writer” because you haven’t finished your first draft, haven’t gotten published, or some other goal post, Working Title will help you fully embody the 

identity of writer and shapeshift your self-confidence. 

The world needs your story. Working Title is here to help you tell it. 

The Working Title Writing Incubator is a 12-month community hosted and expertly guided by ME! Writing coach and all-around chaotic queer, Caitlin Fisher. 

As a neurodivergent, chronically ill, and queer writing coach, I help writers with limited spoons embrace their stories and get them out into the world. 

Stories by autistic, disabled witches like Ashton, who is writing a horror book about a witch who uses hex work and dark magic to exact revenge on abusers who avoid accountability. 

Stories by neurodivergent, spoonie moms like Abi, who wants to see fat, disabled love interests in romance without being inspiration porn. Her stories will flip the romance norm upside down and sideways and see more diverse characters getting the happily ever after.

Stories by people with hard pasts and hopeful futures, like Frankie, who decided to press pause on her memoir in order to write something a little less personal. A thriller about an adoptee who, upon the death of her parents, begins receiving strange notes and gifts that lead to the discovery of her birth family and the twisted fate she was lucky to have escaped… until now!

These stories and more will come to life in the next year. The only question left is… will yours be one of them?


Writing your book doesn’t have to be a lonely activity. In fact, I think writing alongside other writers makes the process more fun, less stressful, and WAY EASIER. Once you join, you’ll have a wealth of tools at your disposal to finish your book on your terms. 

As soon as you join, you’ll get instant access to a ton of goodness!

  • The Working Title Pathway, a series of guided lessons to develop your practical skills, goal setting, habit building, and more – so that you can make a plan that makes your results inevitable
  • A Private Member’s Community that embodies the concept that “a rising tide lifts all boats” – everyone’s questions, celebrations, challenges, and more benefit ALL in the group! Set accountability targets each week and check in regularly.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls to help you work through blocks and get un-stuck on whatever’s in your story’s way
  • Peer Workshops to share your work, get feedback, and improve your writing skills to write the best book possible
  • Weekly Coworking Hours, so you can set designated writing time and stick to your plan
  • And a lot more over the next twelve months! 

Sold separately, these services would be more than $15,000. But they’re yours for $3,000 paid in full or for your first payment of only $500.

Click here to learn more about Working Title and how you can work with me over the next 12 months to finish your book, get out of your head, and change the world one story at a time. 

PS. The doors for this cohort of Working Title will close on Saturday, November 19 and I don’t want you to miss out!

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