Happy Birthday to “The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation”

On May 19, 2019, my first book was published: The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation. As of now, it’s my only published book, but that’ll change soon.

In any case, this book is hugely important to me — and the people who read it and felt seen and heard and validated in their own experience as scapegoats in our society.

The subtitle of the book is How to Succeed in a Society that Blames You for Everything Gone Wrong, which is a little wordy but does capture the spirit of the thing. Because I wanted to tackle all those “Millennials are killing…” accusations, explain why Millennials actually aren’t to blame, and offer helpful suggestions for Millennials (and Gen Z, and anyone else reading) to get ahead in life.

But there has been a problem lately: I’ve changed my thoughts, views, and advice on a few of the topics I wrote about, and I haven’t really known what to do with that.

So what I’m doing is addressing it today, on a live Zoom call as part of the book’s birthday party. I’d be honored if you joined me — and if you sign up here, you’ll be entered to win a signed copy and you can get a replay of the festivities.

Why does this book matter?

Because Millennials have had the short end of the stick our whole lives, ever since we were dubbed “millennials” and the participation trophy discourse started.

It’s a tale as old as time. As the older generations see the “way things always were” shift and change before their eyes in their children’s lifetimes, they start finger pointing. Gen X are loners and burnouts, Millennials are entitled and demanding, and Gen Z eat Tide pods.

I believe more every single day that important stories with the power to change the world are told from the margins of society. While I hold a lot of privilege being a white person with a fairly middle class upbringing, who is college educated with a master’s degree, who got published in the first place… I’m also fat, chronically ill, neurodivergent, mentally ill, queer, and trans. The world isn’t always safe for me.

The margins I occupy help me serve others in those margins as best I can, which is why I coach and teach queer, disabled, and neurodivergent people to follow their passions.

This book is not perfect. I’ve changed since I wrote it. But it started me on a path of speaking out and becoming comfortable with visibility, and I’m immensely proud of that.

Please join me today in celebration of The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation.

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