Achieve Your Dreams without Burnout: Free eBook

Deep down, you know there’s something inside your spirit that wants to come out! An idea for a book or art project. A business you want to start, or a career change to something that makes you feel great about showing up to do your life’s work.

You want to live out your big, loud, audacious goals (or, just as valid, your small, downsized, quiet, peaceful goals).

But something’s stopping you.

You don’t have the time. You don’t have the knowledge. You’re not sure you can achieve it. You’re not sure you can commit to it long-term. You’re afraid of burning out.

Does this sound like you?

My free eBook will help you find that thing deep down that you’d love to be doing, and it will also help you work through the imposter syndrome and self-sabotaging negative beliefs that keep you from going for it.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to work on your passion every single day to make it happen.

You’re allowed to pace yourself and go at the speed your life allows.

It’s my hope that this eBook will help you make a plan toward your dream, without burning out on the way.

My Four Part Framework

My coaching work, membership program, and yes — this eBook, all rely on a framework that helps you balance four very important aspects of your goals.

Intuition, Grounding, Pacing, and Reframing

This eBook has exercises, journal prompts, and self-coaching tools that you can use right away to hear your inner voice, make sure your goals are grounded in reality and not hustle mode, pace yourself to work toward your deep-down dream consistently and sustainably, and reframe negative thoughts to boost your self-concept and become the person who can get all this stuff done without freaking out.

It’s a skill. You can learn it.

Time management tips

The eBook also has tons of time management tips you can customize to your needs. I’m autistic and I have ADHD, and I 100% understand that you can’t just apply a one-size-fits-all time management technique designed for neurotypical people. So try out some of my tips to help you understand how long things take, your most productive time of the day, and how to cut yourself some slack for not vibing with the 9-to-5 life.

Envision the future

Planning for the future can feel a little scary, but making a plan gives you a horizon to move toward. It’s not set in stone. My eBook’s three year plan exercise will help you set milestone check-in points for your big deep-down dreams and goals so you can stay on track.

Get your copy now

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