Break Up with New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions are kinda fake. Only about 9% of people who set resolutions feel successful in keeping them by the end of the year.

Because resolutions typically aren’t well thought out, and they may not even make sense in line with a longer term vision for your life.

What makes resolutions fail? Setting TOO MANY goals is a big reason. Additionally, you might honestly forget about your resolution or not keep very good track of it after the shiny new January feelings wear off. Or maybe your resolution was simply not realistic.

It’s almost 2022. We’ve had two straight years of a global pandemic, and people are tired. Between the US government acting like Covid doesn’t exist anymore and the pressure from hustle culture to have “used this time in isolation to achieve something,” we’re even more burned out than usual!

And a lot of us are breaking up with New Years Resolutions for good.

I asked around to find out the recurring Resolutions people are absolutely sick of and there were two major culprits.

  1. Weight loss resolutions. I’ve been there. Until 2020, weight loss was my resolution every single year of my goal-setting life. Weight loss resolutions are lost before they’re made — dieting will backfire every time, and with that “failure” (it’s not a failure, I promise) comes feelings of shame and increased internalized fatphobia.
  2. Finally doing that creative thing. Each year, my creative clients and friends promise it’s the year to write that book, start that business, embrace their creativity. And every year, imposter syndrome pops up and says “Nahhh.”

I’ve got two ways to help with these.

Number one is a four part series on my podcast, Run Like Hell Toward Happy. Each episode will approach a popular resolution theme, unpack it and explain why it fails every year, and give you a solid foundation to set real, achievable goals in that area instead. Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so you get notifications when these episodes go live in January!

Number two is my membership program Passion Pacers. Passion Pacers is built on a four part framework: Grounding, Intuition, Pacing, and Reframing. It’s a group coaching experience designed to help you finally, actually go for that creative goal in a way that is sustainable, with support every step of the way to help you get through the imposter syndrome, self sabotage, and all that crap that comes along when you set out to make each new year the year you finally write that book.

You’re not going to write the book, start the business, do the thing until you deal with your thoughts and feelings about it.

Because it’s not about just doing the thing. It’s about getting into the weeds of your mindset and belief about yourself. As many times as you just try to mind over matter it, your deep beliefs are actually running the show.

Join Passion Pacers today to get support for your creative goals instead of them falling by the wayside for another year.

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