How to Level Up Your Creativity

Human beings are creative. We just are.

Left to our own devices, we make up stories, draw pictures, write poems, use color in different ways, and display beautiful things in our homes.

We have been making art and telling stories for eons.

You are creative. I am creative. We are creative.

But over time, creativity has become less of a given in our human existence and has been turned into something we cultivate only in a few who execute it “well.”

We celebrate the most talented, and those of us who sing under our breath while we wash the dishes aren’t considered singers. Those of us who sketch and doodle in meetings aren’t considered artists. Those of us who make up bedtime stories on the fly for our kids at night aren’t considered storytellers.

But we are. We are singers, artists, storytellers, and more.

And I’ve created a course to help you get back to that innate, intuitive part of yourself that is creative just because.

Level Up Your Creativity

Level Up Your Creativity is the third iteration of my Level Up Framework that I’ve used to teach people to reframe their traumatic pasts.

This time, we’re unlearning the things society has taught us about whether or not we’re creative. Because it’s not up to society to decide that — it’s up to us.

Creativity is part of who we are!

Here’s what past participants have said about Level Up:

“I do a lot of thinking and talking about my trauma, so it is really helpful to speak more generally and with new and very different language and metaphors. This is creative, and my knowledge about trauma from The Body Keeps the Score and Permission to Feel and the billion podcasts I listen to informs my creative process here. It feels freeing to have such a new approach.” — Anne-Marie, two-time Level Up participant

“The creative, fantasy aspect has been surprisingly freeing for me. Instead of dreading the journaling sessions, I’m actually excited to get to them and continue creating the story, instead of running the other way from slogging through the muck. I desperately need to journal to process, but avoid it like the plague because of the intense feelings it provokes. This twist has been an amazing hack for my brain. — Abi, two-time Level Up participant

Why Creativity?

Why focus this course on creativity? Because I’ve allowed Level Up to develop and evolve each time I run the course, and I saw time and time again that people used the creative activities within to help reframe their mindset.

It’s a coaching framework that is both introspective and deeply creative — without the pressure of perfection or doing things “right,” because it’s just for YOU to process your own stuff.

Where I used to focus on building a character or persona that had better boundaries as the aspirational self of the Level Up Framework, I saw that we could use the same basic framework to create personas that reflect participants’ deep, intuitive, creative selves.

Join the Waitlist

You can sign up for the Level Up Your Creativity Waitlist — the course will open for enrollment early next year.

Want to learn more?

Listen to the companion episode on Run Like Hell Toward Happy, “Level Up Your Creativity: Interview with Anne-Marie Lindsey | #24” for a deeper dive into how Anne-Marie used the Level Up framework to access her creativity in new ways!

She also created the beautiful artwork used in this blog, which will become a Level Up themed Oracle Deck available in 2022.

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