Get a FREE Coaching Session!

You know at night, when you’re trying to sleep, but your brain has all these thoughts swimming around?

I usually hate that.

But last night, I loved it.

Because I had a midnight epiphany to give away THREE free coaching sessions in order to help YOU make a plan, bust through a mindset block, or get some clarity on your goals.

Your session can be about pretty much anything…

  • Pick my brain about a topic like writing a book, changing careers, or social media marketing
  • Get guidance on a career trajectory, business idea, or passion project
  • Have someone look at your plan and tell you if it makes sense
  • Brainstorm your next big thing
  • Work through a mindset or self sabotage pattern that’s holding you back
  • I’ll even sit with you on a call while you organize your closet, if that’s what you really need!

Interested? Of course you are, because you are:

  • ready to make a change
  • tired of sabotaging your goals
  • excited about this opportunity!

To enter this giveaway, I’m going to need a little help sharing the news about my new podcast. The more people hear about it, the more people I can help to create a revolution of creatives going for their deep-down dream and breaking out of hustle culture!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Subscribe, rate, and review (that’s a written review, not just a star rating) Run Like Hell Toward Happy on Apple Podcast (iTunes)
  2. Join the Run Like Hell Toward Happy Community on Facebook and post a screenshot of your review in the Giveaway thread
  3. One free session will be given away at the following milestones: 20 reviews, 30 reviews, 40 reviews and winners will be notified in the Facebook group!
  4. Get a bonus entry if you invite five people to the group and they join! (Tag them in a comment on the giveaway thread to confirm they are members).

Gotta run, see you soon!!

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