Work on Your Passion Project at Your Pace

Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash

I wanted you to make sure you heard: Enrollment for my creative mentorship program Passion Pacers is OPEN!

Passion Pacers is a monthly online community of creatives and dreamers prioritizing their deep-down dreams and balancing their creative work with the rest of their busy lives. 

Does this sound like you?

  • you wake up each day with a to-do list on your mind as soon as your eyes open, and you have no idea how you’ll get it all done
  • you have dreams and big ideas, but at the end of the day, everything else comes first and you’re last on the list
  • even when you do manage to snag some time to work on your goals, you lose steam fast because you keep starting over
  • you keep starting new ideas only to let them go the next time something shiny comes to mind
  • you keep hustling, losing sleep, and feeling overwhelmed when you don’t reach your goals

I’m here to help you turn that overwhelm into a real, sustainable plan to make your creative dream come true at a pace that makes sense for your busy life — with Passion Pacers. 

Unlike other creative and business memberships that teach hustle and self-sacrifice as the only path to success, Passion Pacers is about, well, pacing yourself. 

Your fellow Pacers are writing books, starting businesses, reconnecting with lost hobbies, streaming, finishing their degrees, marketing on social media, and more — at a slower pace than you might think.

In Passion Pacers, we focus on self care and undoing the guilt around our hustle-obsessed culture. We combine accountability and growth with balance and fun.

And as we’re resting, pacing, and staying grounded… we’re getting a lot of shit done.

Through community support, live coaching and training workshops, and my Passion Pacer Framework, you will finally be able to achieve your goals in a way that feels healthy and sustainable, customized to your life’s responsibilities, schedule, and reality. 


  • Are you ready to make a plan to achieve that deep-down dream you haven’t told anyone about?
  • Are you ready to leave perfectionism behind and step into action?
  • Are you ready to finally be excited to share your work with the world?
  • Are you ready to do all of these things in a supportive, welcoming community of creative people just like you?

Click here to learn more about Passion Pacers and how you can work with me to make goals that you can hit every time, turn the PRESSURE of your dreams back into PASSION, and connect with your creative intuition for a value-packed monthly investment of $37.

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