FREE Webinar: How to Create Goals without Burnout

A sheet of paper that lists "Balance" and "Burnout" in stamped letters, next to hand-drawn check boxes next to them, indicating that the viewer can choose one of them. There is a black pen underneath the check boxes. The paper is on a marble countertop with pencil shavings to the right.
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Do you run your car down to empty before you fill it up, or wait until your phone is in the single digits of battery percentage before you charge it? ⁠

You’re probably doing the same to yourself.⁠

I’ve always been the type to give 110% and not take breaks… Until I burned out and learned the hard way that life will take a break for you. ⁠

I’ve learned that you need to plan your rest with as much priority as you plan your work and productivity.⁠

When you plan your rest, you are taking care of yourself now and in the future, modeling healthy boundaries for yourself and those around you, and avoiding burnout. ⁠

Likewise, you also need to plan creativity and fun that’s NOT TIED TO YOUR WORK into your life. ⁠(i.e., don’t try to monetize all your hobbies, please).

We need to be able to relax in this culture that views hustle and burnout as badges of honor.

Which is easier said than done, and it’s why I’m teaching you what I’ve learned in this webinar!

If you fill your tank back up BEFORE it’s an emergency situation, you’ll be able to balance your work, life, and creativity much more smoothly. ⁠

If you… ⁠

  • Wish you had more hours in the day to work on your deep-down dream⁠
  • Are always excited to get started but find yourself giving up to try something else instead⁠
  • Aren’t sure which of your ideas even IS your true deep-down dream⁠
  • Feel like your idea isn’t good enough⁠

⁠This is the webinar for you!

I’ll teach you how to bust through self-defeating thoughts, set realistic and achievable goals, and tune into your intuition to discover your true deep-down dreams. ⁠

PS. The live webinar has passed, but you can still sign up with that cute purple button above and watch the recording to learn my 4-part framework to achieve your goals without burnout!

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