PODCAST: Run Like Hell Toward Happy helps you achieve your deep-down dream without burnout

We’ve had a rough year, y’all.

Many of us have had a rough several years.

Some of us have been doing the “Just one more hectic week and then things will calm down” since high school.

It’s just part of life…right? WRONG.

We’ve all been struggling, especially as the pandemic continues and the new normal still leaves so much to be desired.

I want to hug someone. I want to go to a Mexican restaurant and hear the fajitas sizzle. I want to be in a room with my friends.

But, as I’ve been course correcting my own life after succumbing to a huge amount of burnout last summer, I’ve been able to work on some pretty awesome stuff.

Namely, I have launched a podcast with twelve amazing episodes to support and encourage YOU — yes, you, reading this! — to listen to your intuition, find your deep-down dream, and pursue it without burning out.

Here’s what’s in store:

Episode 1: Run Like Hell Toward Happy — An introduction to the concept of “Run Like Hell Toward Happy.” What does it mean? Is it really possible to follow your deep-down dream without worrying what others think about it?

Episode 2: How I Finally Said Yes to Myself — My story of burnout from sticking with relationships and situations that made me miserable until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and how I’ve learned to guide myself to the next right step for me by trusting my intuition.

Episode 3: Motivation is NOT Like a Muffin — So far, the most celebrated episode! This episode discusses my number one problem with personal development and self-help: the use of diet culture as a reference for goal setting and habit building. Diets are designed to fail, and you should never, ever compare your ability to diet to your ability to reach your dreams.

Episode 4: The Law of Attraction Isn’t Always Right — Another issue I have in the self development world is the toxic positivity and victim blaming that can be a factor in the Law of Attraction and other mindset work. It’s okay to have negative feelings about things; you don’t have to be neutral when bad things happen.

Episode 5: Balancing Self Care and Self Improvement — The five pillars of my coaching practice: Self improvement, self care, mental health, relationships, and social justice. How do these five things work together so that you can be your best self?

Episode 6: How to Connect with Your Inner Voice — Get to know the little voice inside, it’s ready to help guide you toward the next right thing for you!

Episode 7: What We Get Wrong About SMART Goals — We get so caught up in the deadlines on our goals we forget that we’re the ones who made them, and we’re allowed to adjust them to make better sense in the context of our lives.

Episode 8: Burnout — How to Avoid and Recover — Burnout is everywhere, but you can take some steps to recover from it and avoid burning out again in the future.

Episode 9: Perfectionism is the Enemy — Perfectionism is a capitalist lie that keeps us in competition with everyone’s highlight reel instead of getting down and dirty in the learning process and getting better with practice. You’re not going to be good at everything right away and THAT IS OKAY.

Episode 10: How to Kick Imposter Syndrome in the Face — The little voice in your head that tells you NOT to go for things? It’s trying to protect you, even though it’s being a real jerk about it. Find out how to dig deeper and make imposter syndrome a thing of the past.

Episode 11: How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome — Have you ever dropped the thing you’re working on because you had a better idea? How many ideas have you actually finished, though? Let’s stop this cycle!

Episode 12: How to Make Any Criticism Constructive — Criticism doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can help us learn and improve. But sometimes, if it’s not actually helpful, we get to just ignore it and keep rocking on with our awesome selves. Learn the difference in this bonus episode.

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But, I’ve also got a special gift for you!

In the Run Like Hell Toward Happy Facebook Community, I’m giving away a Burnout Breakthrough care package full of books, journaling supplies, and TONS MORE to help you make the space you deserve for your creative intuition. Join the community today for more info on the giveaway!

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