Finding Inspiration and Creativity in Your Dreams

Today’s post is a guest post from Amanda Tallent. 

After a long day, one of the best feelings is climbing into a cozy bed and preparing to go to sleep. Even if you have a hard time going to sleep, simply laying down in a relaxed position can bring your body and mind much needed rest. Once you drift off into your slumber, your mind explores all kinds of memories and ideas in the form of dreams.

Dreaming can open up your mind to new solutions, motivations, experiences, and sometimes even fears. Dreaming has also been linked to improving creativity for those who can recall what happened while they were sleeping. Some dreams stick with us and others become faint memories seconds after waking up. To help record your dreams and find creativity in unexpected places, you can practice dream journaling.

Image description: A person’s hand holds a thin paintbrush to create a blue watercolor shape in a space labeled “Draw or paint a character or location from your dream”

Dream journaling is a method of recording your dreams to help you decode them and apply meaning. Simply writing down what happened, who was there, what you saw, and how it made you feel can help point you in the right direction. The Sleep Advisor created these printable dream journal templates so that you can start your own dream journal.

They created different templates to inspire creativity, manifest success, and record your dreams. The creativity template asks you to record the colors and emotions of your dreams while the success template asks tough questions about your fears and challenges. Being more in tune with your mind and dreams will tell you a lot more about yourself and possibly even your future.

Image description: A person holds a pencil over a template page for dream interpretation

Amanda Tallent is a content creator and creative writer. Her background in digital marketing has led her to cover unique topics ranging from lifestyle to business. Amanda is an INFJ who enjoys creating and bringing visions to life with a lot of careful planning. To connect with Amanda on LinkedIn, please visit:

3 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration and Creativity in Your Dreams

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of those dream journals! I’ve been writting down my dreams for years but usually on something that was handy, like my phone or a notebook. Those templates seem to be really cool 🙂
    Sometimes I get really, really good ideas or solutions in my dreams. Yesterday I was accepted as a volunteer translator at TED talks and I dreamt about creating subtitles all night. I woke up almost tired haha! 🙂

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