The Runch Break

One of the things that helps me the most with anxiety and depression is consistent and regular exercise. June 26 will mark two years since I started a home workout program and actually stuck with it, losing almost 17 pounds and starting my true transition into a healthier lifestyle. As with every habit, it’s easy to get sidetracked and stray from the path. I’m happy to say that I am now “on again” of this on again/off again love of fitness.

I really do love exercising, feeling strong and healthy, and kicking depression and anxiety in the butt naturally.

I wrote about my experience with the Whole30 program earlier this year. Unfortunately, afterward in my “reintroduction of foods” phase I leaned into carbs and grains pretty hard. Carbs are not evil but they sure took away my desire to build each day’s meals around a variety of delicious vegetables. I’m still getting back on my veggie train (but it’s looking good!) The biggest oopsie is that I suggested ice cream on April 1, which turned into ice cream and cupcakes for my birthday on April 12 which turned into “Hey it’s my birthday month” and yet more ice cream and snacks throughout April and WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, IT IS JUNE NOW.

Ok, I get it. Time to get back on track.

I started doing Couch to 5K training, which has been really good. I feel great when I go for a run. It even helped me with my anxiety because I had been afraid of running by myself but after just one time running on my own with NO RAPISTS OR MURDERERS AT ALL jumping out of trees or bushes to attack me, I realized I was okay. And so I started running in the morning three times a week. And then some idiot cat-called me from his car and I no longer felt that superhero strength. Sigh.

One fateful day (last week) a coworker sent me an article about running during the lunch hour at work. I was dubious… I usually run in the morning before the burning day star burns bright and can scorch my precious porcelain skin. And I don’t normally run with a friend who has been running for years and who will probably make me look like a seal dragging itself along the beach. But I agreed to give it a shot. We went for a run near work. I set the pace and even made better time than normal despite the fact that it was HOT HOT HOT outside and I was feeling super sweaty. We ran two miles and I felt victorious.

We plan to do the Runch Break twice a week, and I will run once on the weekend to make my three runs per week goal for the Couch to 5K program. Woo!

Some practical tips for a Runch Break:

  1. Know your schedule. If you have a strict clock in/clock out, “you literally only have 60 minutes” schedule, you will have to be very aware of your time. You might only be able to do a short 15-20 minute run, but that’s better than nothing.
  2. Wear workout clothes under your normal clothes to save time. I haven’t tried this yet but it’s an option.
  3. SUNSCREEN. The end.
  4. Keep spare deodorant at work. You’re welcome.
  5. Your hair probably isn’t that bad so don’t freak out about not showering.
  6. Use baby wipes or bring a washcloth for a quick rinse off.
  7. Pack your lunch so you spend more time running and less time waiting in line for an overpriced sandwich.

What’s in my Runch bag:

Happy Runching.

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