Ode to leggings and not giving a f*ck

Hello, gorgeous!

I’ve missed blogging. I think it’s definitely time I picked that back up.

Today, I am doing something I swore I would never do. I am wearing leggings as pants. My shirt doesn’t even cover my butt. *Gasp*

My judgment of leggings as pants has followed a fun trajectory:

  1. Are you serious? Leggings are not pants.
  2. Leggings should only be worn with dresses or long tunics that cover the butt.
  3. Certain leggings can be worn as pants if they don’t show panty lines and if they aren’t too tight.

Let’s all admit right here and now that what other people wear has no bearing on your life at all, and what other people think of what you are wearing has no bearing on your life at all.

Wear the leggings. Or the geeky tee shirt. Or the ugly Christmas sweater. Or NO BRA. Or makeup. Or no makeup.

Wear whatever you like. Own what you love. (Love what you own).

Letting go of judgments and expectations is the most elastic of all the waistbands.

8 thoughts on “Ode to leggings and not giving a f*ck

  1. Hooray! I’ve missed you! Just this week I was thinking, “I wonder how Caitlin is doing and what’s going on in her life…” So now I know you wear leggings! Ha. I think we are all destined to jump on the leggings bandwagon. When you were little did you wear leggings with stirrups that fastened under the heel? They were so comfy. I didn’t wear jeans until 4th grade because of those divine pants. Good to hear from you!

    1. Dude. I just mentioned those stirrup pants to a coworker today. I hated those when I was a kid!! I think they might be the reason I hate skinny jeans. But leggings are ok. I dig ’em. 🙂

  2. Hello again!

    Love leggings- I decided a couple of years ago that uncomfortable clothes were not worth it…I have some jeans (stretchy ones) leggings and a pair of trousers with ELASTIC!

    Yey for comfort and not giving a fuck (with the window down and the system up) [I think that last bit might be Eminem..]

  3. Yes, me too, I have found that wearing them uncovered at home is really good for me as I am more likely to do yoga and sit properly etc, because I’m more conscious of my body! (In a good way!). And its relaxing because its so obviously different to work clothes. Lovely to see your blog again. Lucy

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