Asking my audience

I need your help!

Hello, readers! I am happy to be talking with you again on a regular basis.

However… my domain name is about to expire in a couple months and I’ve been working on building a new website for you guys where I can better encompass what my intention is with Born Again Minimalist. I need your feedback to help me decide what to do!

You see, my minimalist philosophy has evolved and become about helping myself and others achieve the life they deserve through aligning their own priorities and cutting out the things in their lives, tangible or intangible, that detract from those priorities.

My goal with this philosophy is to:

  • help people get out of debt
  • help people find or create their dream job
  • help people organize their homes, and plan their housework to get things done with simple systems that free up a lot more time for them to live their life
  • help people improve their health and add years to their life
  • help people improve relationships with family and friends
  • inspire people to be their best selves

Things you can expect in 2015

I have been a busy girl lately – and I apologize that it has meant fewer posts from me. What you can expect in 2015 is a weekly blog post published on Born Again Minimalist, at least up until the decision to either continue or expire the domain. You can expect an ebook available on Kindle (in progress, but it’ll happen this year!) You can expect a change in content, shifting from a focus on physical minimalism and decluttering and an increased focus on lifestyle minimalism. (A quick Google search tells me “lifestyle minimalism” is not yet a thing… I’m going to make it a thing). You can expect a YouTube video channel where my beautiful face will talk about some of these topics!

Exciting, right?

My question for you

My question for you, readers, is this: what do I do? Should I keep Born Again Minimalist alive and kicking with regular updates, referring folks interested in this more targeted lifestyle website over to the new domain? Should I do a complete redirect and allow Minimalist to expire? Please tell me what YOU love about Born Again Minimalist and what you would like to see happen with it. I write for you guys. I should involve you in the decisions, right?

Thank you for your help

I really appreciate that you have stayed a loyal reader even when I have been a little, hmm, minimalist about my posting schedule. As always, please use the suggestion box tool to throw me some topic ideas! And I am truly looking forward to hearing what you think about the direction of the website. I truly am here to help YOU and I value your opinion. Thank you, and have an awesome weekend you guys!

8 thoughts on “Asking my audience

  1. Whatever you do, please don’t let all your old posts just vanish. There is so much good advise and a lot of life in them – so it would be cool if you would either keep this blog alive (even just an occasional update every now and then would be nice, or just keep it as it is as a time capsule or whatever) or backup your content into some kind of archive so it will be available for those who came late to the party.

      1. Hi yourself, long time no see. Yes, there is always someone looking for something^^ Even though I’ve read most of your posts over the last two years or so I like going back to look at a specific topic.

  2. So I think the thing I like most about your blog.. is you! Your experience, insights, progress, etc. So I’m down for whatever feels right for you, and I will support and continue to follow! I do agree with the above poster that I would hate to see all of these posts go away though. There are a few I have bookmarked that I reference sometimes. Excited to see where the year takes you. 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you so much for your comments. It means so much to see that even though I’ve been AWOL lately, you guys are still here and still reading!

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