11 thoughts on “The cycle of minimalism

  1. So true. 🙂 It seems I need to be very careful to watch what comes in my house or it accumulates quickly. My tendency to save everything I can can lead to clutter. Most recently I finally sat down to work making books, napkins a new blanket and a pair of curtains all from things I saved and planned to do just this, but time got in the way….until now.

    1. I am guilty of saving things for projects too! But I rarely get around to them. New rule is that if I don’t finish the project in 6 months, I toss it. If I don’t use it, I lose it! I am working on a house-wide purge right now of un-used stuff. Big undertaking.

      1. My new rule is similar but instead of getting rid of it I can’t bring anything more in until I finish what I have. Instead, I try to find others to pass it on to. It’s been really hard as I don’t like to see anything wasted.

        Speaking of house, are you going to tell us about your new home?

  2. So true! I feel stuff creeping back into my life…. urgggh. Another purge soon I think! Luckily I do small ones constantly otherwise I think I would be an anxious mess-too much clutter!!

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