I’m alive

Dear readers,

I apologize for my unannounced hiatus.  It started as a brief respite from life, and then I just never went back to my blog. For a long time.  I am up to some new minimalist endeavors and I have much foodie news to bring you (probably in a new blog. Because the answer to blog stress is MORE BLOGS!)

In the meantime, know that I appreciate those of you who checked in on me to make sure I wasn’t dying, and I appreciate everyone who has checked for updates and is still around to read this one.  You guys are awesome.  

Spoilers: I moved. And it took FOUR TRIPS in my car, plus a U-haul for the furniture.  I’ve got some progress to make with my “Everything I own fits in my car” dream, eh? 

8 thoughts on “I’m alive

  1. Last night I was catching up on blogs that I read and thought “I wonder what happened to Born Again Minimalist”? Glad to hear you’re okay. Looking forward to new posts!

  2. I missed your posts and logged in to WP today after some time of absence to check your blog, so I’m really glad to hear this 🙂 Looking forward to new food for thought!

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