Ditch it: Goal pants and fat pants

In May 2011, I participated in a 5K race.  I finished next to last and spent most of it walking when I was recovering from my little walk-jog (I do not purport to be in peak physical condition), but I finished it!  All participants got a free tee shirt, but they were out of anything bigger than a large and, true to my pre-minimalist tendencies to take the free thingy, I took a size large and decided it would be my goal shirt.

You know where this is going, right?

I never did anything to fit into that shirt.  It just took up space in my closet, shouting things like “Hey!  You can’t wear me!”

That shirt was a real jerk.

It was donated, or sold at a yard sale, or something.  If I ever do get to a size large, I’ll get a shirt that I actually like instead of a freebie one-off shirt.  It’s not like you’re going to never buy clothing again so you need to stock up on whatever you can find that’s smaller than you are, for the purposes of goal setting.  I don’t have any goal pants or goal clothes, because my goal is just to get healthier.  Weight loss will happen as a result, but I am not focused on a pants size or a tee shirt to get there.  My motivation comes from within me, from a desire to be healthier so that I can enjoy life and activity, and so that I can be a good role model for my friends and my family.  That motivation does so much more than a pair of pants could.

On the other hand, what about keeping your old, too-big clothes when you’ve lost weight?

I have reached the point where my two pairs of jeans no longer fit me.  They poofed out in the thighs like MC Hammer’s pants and could barely stay on at the waist.  Time for new pants.  (I raided my sister’s closet… no shame).  But since I have no intention of gaining the weight back (since this is a lifestyle change and not a yo-yo diet), these pants are now useless to me.  I am still tempted to keep a pair to compare old pants to new pants as I lose weight, because seeing the difference is really exciting and motivating, but I will probably just list them on ebay since they are still in really good shape.

Reasons why I have no second thoughts about ditching clothes that don’t fit…

  • I’m a minimalist and I don’t want clothes I can’t even use taking up valuable space
  • I can get bigger or smaller clothing inexpensively because I shop at thrift stores, yard sales, and ebay
  • I mostly dig dresses, which are a very forgiving clothing item if you gain or lose a few pounds
  • I no longer have to worry about replacing expensive bras, since I stopped wearing them

What are your thoughts on goal clothes and fat clothes?


7 thoughts on “Ditch it: Goal pants and fat pants

  1. I’ve been so guilty of this.
    I’ve saved those high school jeans in hopes I’ll get my ass small enough to fit back into them. Then I’ll know I’ve finally arrived. The thing is, it wouldn’t be so bad if I only saved one pair, but I’ve got like 5 pair saved.
    AND….if I ever DID get small enough to wear them again, I’m not going to want to wear them. I’m going to want something new!
    This is something I’ve been thinking about lately, and you may have just pushed me to include them in our next yard sale pile. 🙂

  2. This is where you got me. I still have clothes I want to fit into again. I am making progress so I hope it won’t be much longer. But as for the pants that become too big to wear, that’s not as special to me as a before and after picture where I can see the effects on my actual body. And I can keep them in my phone or on my computer, so no storage space needed for them. As soon as I go down a size I like to get rid of them.

    1. For me, it’s been so long since I was smaller that it was just silly to hold onto the clothes. I am only just now getting into my lowest sizes in the past 2-3 years! I don’t blame you wanting to hold onto some smaller clothes that you know will fit soon. It’s more the “Oh, someday…” mentality that I think can really throw a wrench in it all.

      1. At least it’s just two pairs and not a whole closet 🙂 I certainly can’t blame you… I raided my sister’s skinny pants when I lost weight so I’m glad she was holding on to them!

      2. Nice to have a sister you can raid. 🙂 Yes it is only two pairs; I really liked them and figure if I lose the weight at least I will have something to wear other than baggy clothes, which I’ve done in the past.

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