Bra-free workplace attire

So, I stopped wearing a bra.  Here’s what I wear to work!  Most of the shots are in my bathroom mirror at work, so pardon the faucet in the photos. 🙂 Also, sorry about my iFace.

photo 1
Black tank, green tee, black vest.
Layers are the secret to bra-free outfits.
photo 2
Brown polka dot dress, grey tank, brown button down.
Again with the layers. Also, this is one of my favorite outfits!
photo 3
Pink tank, grey button-down. I got the grey top at a thrift store!
Layers again, plus an interesting bustline on the grey top, it sort of naturally creates a place for the breasts to hang out so they aren’t just all loosey-goosey in my shirt.
photo 4
Pink tank, DKNY Cozy sweater.
I remain slightly uncomfortable with this outfit. But I don’t think it’s necessarily that it looks sloppy without a bra, it just really really accentuates my bust, drawing more attention to the chestal region.
photo 5
Grey tank, green/brown/black tunic.
This tunic top has a bit of an empire waist on it, giving a bustline to the shirt so I don’t have to make one with a vest or other layered top over the shirt.
photo 1
Black and white patterned dress, black cardigan.
More layers!
photo 2
I love this dress so much I had to show it to you with and without the cardigan. New favorite dress.
photo 3
And we’re work appropriate 🙂
It has a built in support, so it keeps things in place without really restricting movement or being too tight.

19 thoughts on “Bra-free workplace attire

  1. That dress is awesome! If you’d not said that you were braless I’d never have guessed.
    It’s been really hot here (well, hot for the UK…we have a heat wave…!) so I have been going braless too- I just don’t need the extra layers!

  2. You really pull that off well for work. I like the black.and white one, and of course your new favorite is really nice. Have you encountered any negative comments about being bra-less? People close to me, just a couple, are so conditioned that a bra is required they let me know they don’t like that I don’t dress properly, I say tough.

    1. My mom told me I looked sloppy one day. But I wasn’t properly outfitted and just wearing a loose top so clearly things were loose and casual!

      No one has said a word about it at work. I’ve even had a couple times my friend said she couldn’t even tell I was bra-less.

      1. That’s fantastic!! I have never been what you call well-endowed in that area, so after a couple of children and getting older I do look a little sloppy unless I watch what I wear.

  3. Wow without a bra you look exactly like I do when I have my “girls” completely reigned in and welded in place! I’m so jealous that you can go braless! Maybe someday but unfortunately right now the pain isn’t worth it, plus I’d be a complete eyesore haha

    1. Aww, I’m sorry you have pain! A lot of people have expressed skepticism that they could “get away with it” with a large bust. I’m a 42-D which seems big to me but I know there are definitely women with larger breasts who simply prefer the security of a bra.

      And I’m sure you wouldn’t be an eyesore 🙂

  4. I love every one of your outfits. You look great! I too, go bra-free to the workplace and layering is definitely the answer! I am a 36-D and I hate the restricted feeling that a bra gives me. Haven’t worn one since….I don’t know when. 🙂

  5. Love your examples and your outfits! You look adorable! I also have been going bra-free since reading your earlier post. Thanks so much for calling attention to this matter.

    1. I am still bra-free in the summer. I use support camis to avoid the dreaded boob sweat. I also tend to stick to air-conditioned buildings 🙂

  6. I have enjoyed reading your posts on being bra free. I have been bra free for about 6 weeks now and loving it!! I am more comfortable than I ever was wearing a bra, and I am a 34G (UK). Going bra free has also given me a greater appreciation for my breasts (which I barely had before). is also a very good resource site, and was what actually influenced my decision to ditch the bra for good. Keep up the good work, Caitlin. Xoxo
    PS: The outfit choices are really great! I’ll have to get me one like your favorite dress! Love it!

    1. Thanks for reading!! This bra post remains one of the most popular posts, which I find simultaneously awesome and amusing. Of course I’d be known for free-boobing. LOL!

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