Growing groceries

I joined a CSA for the summer.  Every week, I get a box of produce!  So far, I have been blessed with greens like lettuce and mizuna (which I didn’t know was even a thing), turnips (with greens), beets (with greens), carrots, garlic, pearl onions, sage, and oregano.

Here are some of the reasons I love my CSA:

  • I know where the food comes from.  I went to see the farm, I walked around the beds.  I know where it comes from, I know who plants and picks it, and I trust it!
  • Low carbon footprint.  The plants are grown in Cleveland and they travel to Lakewood.  Not a far commute.
  • It’s fresh. So fresh.  This stuff comes out of the ground and goes into a box and then into my fridge and then into my belly!
  • It’s sticking it to the man.  Planting a garden is a revolution against corporate control of our food system.  I am supporting local farmers!
  • It forces me to try new things.  I never had turnips before.  I can tell you that I am not a huge fan so far, but I have to make them work!  I am also reading up on how to freeze my greens because there’s no way I will eat them all before they turn bad.  Then I will have fresh, seasonal greens available when they are no longer in season, because I’m saving them now. Planning ahead is a great thing.

My friend is in two CSAs, providing her family with local quality produce, meat, and eggs.  If you can’t grow your own food, supporting a local farmer is the next best thing!

Speaking of growing your own, I have planted a garden with potatoes, carrots, zucchini, spaghetti squash, and basil.  My mom and I are also going to add peppers and tomatoes.  Updates to come 🙂  One day I hope to have chickens to “grow my own” eggs too! Currently I buy eggs from a few local farms.  I just love keeping it local.

Do you grow your own groceries? Buy local?

12 thoughts on “Growing groceries

  1. I really wish CSAs were a thing where I’m from. Although food is generally local enough so I can’t complain. Also turnip is nicest, in my opinion, when it’s raw. Has a lovely crunch to it. It’s quite the staple in my household 🙂

  2. I have a veg box delivered and get milk from a local farm…eggs come from my hens, I grow a bit of veg at home and have signed up for an allotment. Yey local!!

  3. I’m part of a CSA too and love it for all the same reasons. We are fortunate enough to live in an area with a year round growing season so we get fresh produce year round.

    1. That’s awesome! I don’t think I will have anything for the winter, but I have some good grocery stores around so hopefully I do okay.

  4. I do both. I have ordered a freezer and hope to have enough local food saved to get me through winter. I have carrots, radishes, strawberries, pumpkin, spaghetti squash, watermelon, cabbage, and tomatoes growing at home. I lost celery and most of my cantaloupes in a late frost. I also have spinach and greens growing in my front window.

    1. I need to get my watermelons planted. It’s probably too late for much but maybe I can get something? I don’t know how gardening works, clearly.

    1. I want to join a co-op! I haven’t been to my farmers markets yet this summer, the CSA is keeping me plenty busy. I think I am going to attempt a no-buy July to get my grocery spending under control.

  5. I joined a CSA a couple of summers ago, but it was too heavy on the greens for me. Then I tried a co-op, same thing – too many greens. Then a Greenling local box and, again, too many greens. We just can’t consume that many greens and ended up throwing them out, which was awful. So now I just buy what we need each week.

    1. I am finding new ways to do the greens!! I feel your “TOO MUCH GREENS” pain. I’ve been steaming and freezing them lately to have some stocked away for winter. Now if I want to make a lasagna or something in six months I can put some greens in my sauce. We’ll see if I stay on top of it 🙂 I also made kale chips today!

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