Quick recap!

My apologies for disappearing for a while. I am recovering from the joy that is adrenal fatigue!  Basically I allowed my body to get so stressed that she is now in a state of constant stress and fatigue, and I’m tired all the time if I don’t sleep enough and take good care of myself.  I am once again a work in progress 🙂

Here’s a recap of my recent minimalist goings-on:


  • I have been trying to keep my grocery budget to $50 per week.  The very act of paying attention has resulted in me being close enough for the two weeks I’ve been trying it.  However, I didn’t have a lunch prepared for today so I wound up spending $10 at the store this morning for breakfast and lunch to eat at work. 
  • I paid off a student loan, as described in my last post!  I will be updating Loan #2 to take on the additional “snowball” payments.  I still anticipate that I can be debt-free in ten years.

Purging and Stuff

  • I STILL have not gotten rid of the stuff from the Reverse 100 Things Challenge.  It’s hard because I have a deeply ingrained yard sale instinct.  I definitely want it out of my apartment, though, because it’s driving me mad.  So it will either go to Yard Sale Limbo in my mother’s basement or be donated. 
  • Spring cleaning time is upon us.  I anticipate a huge purge to take place in the coming weeks!  Stay tuned 🙂

Health and Wellness

  • Despite joining a gym and paying for it every month, I have been choosing to exercise by walking my boss’s dog in the park or around town.  I am determined to start using the gym membership I pay for, however, because otherwise I will just kick myself for spending the money.  But walking Brutus is very rewarding and fun, and my boss appreciates that I take him out when she can’t!
  • I have been gluten free for a couple of months now and I believe I am improving.  I have much less joint pain than before, and I haven’t had tummy trouble like I was noticing after a wheat-heavy meal.  Being gluten free is hard at first but easy once you realize that it’s as simple as eating and preparing whole foods.
  • Depression and adrenal fatigue are fighting to win the “least motivating force within Caitlin” award lately.  I am trying to counteract with sunshine, lots of sleep, and adequate nutrition.  Mostly I am treating with Doctor Who marathons.  Not super effective, but I do think with a British voice in my head now.  Sometimes it’s Sco’ish.
  • I got skin biopsies done yesterday for possible melanomas.  Expect a post on sunscreen coming up!


  • I’ve discovered a new way to gauge whether or not I should spend my money on something.  Would I buy it for my sister?  For example, I have started seeing a chiropractor.  We worked out a payment plan of $80 per month, and it seemed like a lot of money.  But, I wondered, if my sister could potentially improve her health with chiropractic care and I could help her afford to do that, would I pay $80 a month? And the answer was yes.  So now I see the chiropractor.  This is not a fool proof method, since I also frequently treat my sister to lunch, dinner, and random presents – but for big stuff, it works. 

What have YOU been up to lately? I can’t wait to catch up on reading everyone’s blogs!

6 thoughts on “Quick recap!

  1. Ah, yes, adrenal fatigue…I’m getting over that myself, actually. 7 years of constant stress definitely did a number… My recommendation for you would be omega-3 gummies, and lot of them! 2400 mg a day seemed to get things back in working order!

    I love your “would I buy it for my sister?” test.

  2. Try a vegetarian diet for $25 per week. Our bodies easily fatigue, because of the energy it uses to discard foreign substances.

    Animal products and processed foods create an inflammatory response and expedite aging. The response has more difficulty shutting off as we age. Menopausal women tend to have a high inflammatory rate.

    I’m elderly and notice that I feel better if I just drink water and just eat gluten-free whole grains, veges and legumes. For me, fruit sugar can be inflammatory.

    For exercise, I just walk.

    1. Thanks for your comments, di. I have found that, for me, a diet with animal products is working better for my body. I was close to vegan for about a year, and vegetarian for 8 years. I have learned to listen to my body and lately it’s been telling me it needs more animal protein, so I listen 🙂

      I also love to walk, but I have fallen out of the habit. I am making an effort to start up again, mixed with trips to the gym since I signed up and am committed to the full contract term, so I figure I should use it while I have it!

  3. I don’t eat soy. Soy suppresses the thyroid gland and changes hemoglobin. This results in fatigue, low oxygen levels and anemia.

    1. I have also largely cut soy from my diet. Very rarely do I eat something with a soy ingredient, and it is usually fermented soy (like soy sauce or tempeh) when I do partake. Thanks for your input!

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