Stop pinning, start doing

We live in age where knowledge about nearly everything is at our fingertips.  We are plugged in and constantly connected, and “I don’t know how” is no longer a valid excuse for anything.  If you can type it into Google, you can learn it.

I recently made myself a degree from the University of Google to display on my wall.  I think I have learned more from Google than I did at college.  I don’t have a problem with that.

I have noticed, however, the phenomenon of learning without follow-through.

Pinterest is the most obvious offender.  On Pinterest, you can soak up a ton of information in the form of pictures and links and recipes and how-to guides, stick them on a board (perhaps entitled “Craft ideas” or “DIY” or “Recipes” or “Must do this!”), and then never, ever look at them again.  I am guilty of this.

For instance, the following pins are ones that I pin with the intent to read later and execute but then forget about:

But look! These are things I have actually utilized:

Some other pins are things I can’t follow through on until I have a house or kids, so those are okay to wait on.

I’m making a new goal to learn something new, or follow through on some project, each month. In this age of information, there is no excuse not to learn something new!

What have you learned lately?

9 thoughts on “Stop pinning, start doing

  1. I’ve always been afraid to try Pinterest, after ditching my Facebook addiction! But I, too, sometimes learn things without doing them. But sometimes I have a chew on an idea for awhile, before I’m ready to try it.

    1. It’s understandable, there’s a lot of information overload! Be careful with Pinterest, it’s an addiction-maker! I’m addicted to Facebook… need to stop. But I love it. *Anguish*

  2. I too was introduced to Pinterest recently and have plenty of ideas pinned. I have some that are wishful thinking for the future, and some that are ideas I do use.The most recent board I have is on art guitars to help me come up with ideas for the two guitars I was just asked to turn into art for a home. In that way it’s wonderful. Now when I get a notification that someone pinned something of mine, I quickly delete that so I am not tempted to check out their boards to find more I could easily be on it all day if I didn’t.

      1. Top right, under your name, click “Settings” then “Email settings” and turn off whatever notifications you don’t want to get emailed. I’m not sure about phone notifications if they aren’t emails…but I am sure there’s a way.

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