October spending: Week three

For the week of October 15-21, I spent as follows (remembering cash purchases to the best of my ability, since I don’t keep good track of anything that doesn’t just show up in my debit history when I check my bank account!)

Bills: Car insurance (41.35)

Essentials: Gas (32.71)

Non-essentials: Salon (84), Dollar General (cards to send my sister – 2.16), Chipotle (6.73), Contributing to the tip at dinner Saturday (2), food Saturday and Sunday (4.50 hamburger and pop, $15 at Wendy’s)

Grocery: Earth Fare (43.33)

Not bad this week!

Loan update: As an added bonus, I have increased the payment on my smallest loan to $80 instead of the $42-ish it was, so I can pay it off a little faster.  I also have $2,000 in loan award vouchers I will be applying to that loan, so I can hopefully have it paid off very soon.  Once it is paid off, I will roll the $80/mo from that payment onto my $96/mo loan to pay THAT one off faster, and then when that one is paid off, I will add $180 to my final, giant loan (currently $343/mo).

And another update: I booked my hotel for Spain yesterday! It won’t be charged until I actually arrive, so that gives me time to save up the money.

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